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[Letter from Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 [1937-05]

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 I see I have till June 14 to Paris two weeks. Will I? Wont I? 11 days Well you'll want letters in London too. Its hot I've been writing business (hate it) Told Band to keep pictures over there if he wants to. he spoke of a slim *vague* possibility of exhibit in London. Eng? or Canada? Oh for a secretary When you're *well* as well as sick. If I'm dead, Willie will, but alive Willie won't. Gee Ruth I've been ramping round these old villages. my pickings are pretty *bumm*. I have three sketches together & put away to ripen before polishing. I don't think they are much good in whole but in *spots* I know there is something of the places but I don't think they'd interest general people. They're spotty (not plotty) like a bee dipping here and there. The sips are sweet enough but all together the load gets heavy. Louise & I have each knocked a plant off the table & smashed them & are both hot roaring mad. She says its because I deliberately *smashed* that leaky teapot I hated so to make drainage for a flowwer box. Mrs Chappell comes tomorrow. She's typed 6 stories & there's got to be a settlement and will be. Now I am about to plunge into a big forest that ought to be superb and is too much like paint - oh goodness why can't one see clearer. Why do the 'White Currants' shrivel too soon or dry up. Be good my dear Goodbye. M.E. Carr Fragment of letter probably written June/37 Rest of letter missing


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