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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1937-08-22] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Aug 22, 1937

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 [August 22 1937]      Dear Ruth,    What are you doing gallavanting gaily I hope. I'm still a-bed but better for the rest. Dear girl, do forgive me if my    letters are dreadfully me'ish news, they are all the doings of me. but not getting out has a tendency to very revolting centering    on one's own 'carkis' & acts, but now for Visitors. had a lot lately. Think I told you about the Edmonton professor and his pepper-    hen wife. Then a Mr Roberson from Toronto came. nice man head of the art gallery of Toronto. He was the head of 'Grips',    the commercial art firm where so many of the Group men Jackson, Varley, McDonald, etc. got their first ideas of joining a   group of seven and working at their art in earnest. a middle age elderly man. not wealthy. I put on my blanket gown & sat on    a stool & he waited on himself. he keptsaying "I am having such a good time". his wife and family were off at Butchart Gardens &   he took the afternoon to call here. we had big talks about things. Art, Artist 2/      cause she's a great friend of Billies. lectures, head of museum, University of Washington. She's nice    enough but noisy and self-opinionated & sickly whoop to busting. I'd never think of talking to her of writing   or painting, Indians or Art School she'd swamp you like an immense leak and leaves you clammy. then the daughter   your old school friend was over from Seattle with a nice little girl I'd like to own and yesterday & today   I had Nan Cheney, Eastern Artist now living in Vancouver. she had lunch with me in bed yesterday had a tray    to my room we have lots of mutuals and great pow-wows. Madge Wolfenden also came one day . also Mrs. Parker   & that Miss Vancouver Douglas and a long session of Mrs Chappell. what a poor sensitive morbid critter.    She takes life hard & scratchy. poor thing. See she thinks a lot of you she says you have been so good to   her. but everybody else is standing both feet on her tail. I gave her D'Sonoyha & she'll have it typed soon   to send to back. 3/       Joseph (the love bird) is quite a joy. I have a hook in wall & he hangs in my bed practically. he's a sweet   lovliness and colour & marking exquisite.    Mr. Roberston likes the last things I did greatly. its a 'woodsey'. It is always so gratifying when    they like the latest (people whose opinion count) because at my age there is always fear of of "dotage"    performance & folks saying "poor old thing's done". Nan Cheney was in Ottawa when Eric Newton got back & said   he was very enthusiatic & said nice things of Emily's 'dabs'. You know Ruth I don't deserve it all. A    mother doesn't deserve any particular credit for putting the best clothes she can get on her kids just because    she loves them.    Off on a new track re: writing so far pretty try-pie- seems tame after the woods & totems but interest   working up. opportunity while lying low. but its digging with places not so pleasant as woods      ---------------------sleep overtakes- goodnight--------------------------      Monday- [3]      to paint a bit. Dr. tipped me back into my bed & said stay there till he saw me again. Old fool.    he's going away for 3 weeks. hope he gets round first or I shall kick.    Nan took my photo in bed, If she sends me one I send it on to you because Joseph & the pup were   in it.    It's ice cold today (any how its cold enough for fires) Summer has forgotten us and went before   coming.         Toooooley Dooooodly        Me      There is a ole woman   Permanent sat   she has two small dogs   but na'ry a cat   the Dr said sit and then he said lie   But when she says walk?   He says bye-bye         My plums are ripe. Not a big crop but "yummy tummy" [envelope- postmarked August 1937]      Miss Ruth Humphrey   c/o Bank of Montreal   Waterloo Place   Pal Mal   London Eng      Miss Jarers   6A High Street    Cheohaur   Buchs


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