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[Letter from Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 1937-08-03

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 Aug 3 Dear Ruth I am tired to tears & have retired to my bed. 8 P.M. Its been a **awful** day. First Royalty = Lady Tweedsmuir and her lady in waiting & 'handy man' I really do think is was quite sweet & lovely of her to come & see me Said she liked my work had one in Gov. House in Ottawa borrowed from the National Gallery. She bought a paper sketch staying nearly an hour & was very nice & interested. I don't think the royal chariot had ever dashed down Beckley St before. Of course the lowest type vegetable waggon. (A horse one with flapping curtains) had to be all up in front of my gate just as Lady T. was due. but thank the lord he moved on just as the royal coach approached. Also the Lord be praised the 'Nudist' had his shirt on. His disgusting hairy front nauciates one. well thats over & I was very tired. had a lot of hauling in and out till I made the 'handy-man' (Lady T's valet) take hold. a fat faced baboon all polish & no guts. Then this afternoon I had to go to town 2) I taxid right into bed. Yours just come so glad to hear and so glad you are enjoying things I was never in Amsterdam or Norway but my heart went out to you re: sea trip. Probably now you are in London. Wow! How hot & smelly in August thats when I got there. the bricks oozed heat and the air--well there wasn't any. You quit gasping even. Gee how I cried till Xmas my first letter told me of my only brothers death & I was sick and homesick & every last eyelash of me hated London. There are fearfull reactions taking place in my vicinity, huge celebrations, Army, Navy, and noise. Sham battles & Bagpipes, 3 days of it, making night hideous Mac Donald Park. Tomorrow there's a parade and all because Vancouver had a jubilee Victoria has to too & it is not a jubilee (only 75 years) I've got a heavenly blue parakeet, Joseph by house doesnt do any thing but is as lovely as a flower & a joy to behold. Havent seen any one. Mrs Chappell very busy. Margaret is supposed to be ringing up 3) No word from Dr Sedgewick Perhaps they went astray or perhaps he's disgusted beyond words & is afraid to break the news to me or perhaps he's straight busy. I am beginning to sit up again after the Indian ones was tired to core & did not want to see a pencil & paper, brain already thinking up things did 3 good days painting, but nobody could work with "vices" on their chests could they? Seems like there's always some pick up. I liked Jack Grant all right but you must remember it was just a 'fly away squint' I had of him. Hope I'll know him better some day. When you come home I'll give another party. It won't be nice when September comes & you don't. I suppose a year means a year from September but I am so glad you are having it. Goodnight I tail up this tomorrow And its morning--Sun & wind & Mrs Dunsmuir dead. wonder what will happen to Hatley Park. I am so tickled about the watch & hope it will be steady & faithful. Goodness summer is on the wane seems we have not begun t piffell. My garden is jam full of flowers even the "vices" admired it yesterday Louise is so good keeping me with it I'm lucky to have you and her but wow!!!! I long sometimes for the woods. I made a dress last week (hand embroidered) only cotton voile. Total cost--.76 cts. Well now I really will end & must for there's no news positively flat as ginger beer open 2 years. Aff. yours Me P.S. Every single morning you come to my bed with the news and I kiss you. No I never saw Miss Bruce she is most unreliable I like her but her promises are nil. Told Willie she was coming out, as you know I don't care in hearing about their winter trips & some other trips Mad, Me P.S.S. If you ever write another to me and ****if**** you read the messy drafts (my Indians) tell me what you thought *do* if your thoughts were *poor* even I think perhaps my 'places' were better in a way than people, but did not have any readable copies. I just could't flounder through another retype [envelope- postmarked August 4 1937] Miss Ruth Humphrey c/o Bank of Montreal Waterloo Place Pal Mal London England c/o Miss D. Jarins 6A High St. Cheshau Bueks


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