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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1937-07-04] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Jul 4, 1937

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 316 Beckley  July 4         Dear Ruth      Glad to get your card. I like that Van Gogh very much isnt it stirring? Russia??? What spot will you consider next. Look out for the dynamiting Russians. Well its fine to see all you can I always used to tell myself that when I was young I'd day stuff up now so when youre old you'll have things to think about. & now its come I am. (old - glad)      Well its been a bad week. Alice in Hospital bad this time worse that last Far more suffering They kept her far quieter not allowed to move a hair Dr says it is doing well but he does not hold out very high hope of anything but very poor sight She was going blind very rapidly but for the ops. They might have gone any time. Mrs Boultbee has been down (my neice) and very good. has her car & man which means so much. for some reason *unknown* the Hudson's never offer me a lift when they pass the gate. He has been very --- lately she O.K. but he is an 2/      Old crank & keeps her under. However Una's work here has been a boon. As well as going to hospital, I have bought a hat *.74 cts* had my eyes seen to, & gone to see the old van.    There she sits poor soul, so folorn & weatherbeaten. I guess there is no hope for camp for me this year. Too much walking & exertion involved so I'll make up my mind to stay put and be happy.      I don't remember when I wrote you? Seems to me considering you have no husband to epistolarize *every day* you ought to be writing me a letter before so long?      I heard from Dr Sedgewick the other day, just thanking me again for the sketch and saying he was sending the others back by a female who came over last Wednesday. She has not showed up & I hope is not keeping the sketches rolled all this time knocking round. he said he'd read the things Margaret sent but most of them were the ones you had. Also said he'd written for Miss Clay to send more does he think she keeps a million on tap? he made no remark other - Clark & Macdonald - got me to read Mrs Crane to them, and both men were really much impressed: they quite refuse to beleive that it was written by an "unpracticed" writer."      Well I'm labouring on the Indian stuff Dr. S. may not like that at all. By the way nobody has a copy of D'Sonoqua but you. Who was Blackwood to return my copy to? & Margaret sent hers to Mr. Ayers I never have had one so don't let yours get away or it will be extinct. I could never write it again from my jumbled notes & I have quite forgotten the tail which you took off red hot before I had copied it. None of the Indian ones are corrected in full    some are very short short sketches. I have some 16 or 17 so far and the best part of my material is together. In another week I expect to start grinding at the mechanical part and clearing up the expressing and cutting out like a butcher I want to peel out everything but necessities and sift out repititions & every scrap of sentimentality. It will be years before I'l getting hiccoughs at their jumpy jumps. Wish you could enclose an eye. (registered) to run over them. (I'd return it to its mate registered air mail) when its work was done.      Weather continues uncertain, rain keeps on a& offing.      Bye Bye,      Me Carr 


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