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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1938-01-03] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Jan 3, 1938

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 Jan 3 1938   Dear Ruth   Bed & correspondence day. Slipped away yesterday without a letter to you. I got up to supper. Flora Burns came. She is such a fine woman I wish I had her clear brain & memory -- can read a story once and get at it right away and hang on. I wonder where you are? Africa seems in another sphere out beyond beyond. If you know somebody in another country is about to do something you can usually picture them at it but by the time you know anyone is going to be in Africa, it's all done & over. The past has jumped clean over the future & the future is always being left behind. I airmailed your letter with Ethel's address but I don't believe it would ever catch up. I distrust air traffic anyhow -- fortunately I thought I'd better ask, tho' I was tempted to put same postage as you had on yours. However it was good I asked. Two post offices had to look it up, and 'thought it was .25, but what part of Africa? I only had 1 cent stamps & there wasn't room. However Louise did something at the little grocery & it got off. Really I think Victoria   is a corpse. Talking of corses. Mis Chappel has had flue. Gee Whiz! What miseries poured through the telephone solid and liquid. She���s better & sposed to go to work again yesterday. I really wonder she holds any job. I hate her in my office. Louise made her a nice pan of hot muffins and a big jar of good soup & some of our marmalade. She was going to take it up but Edythe Brand said she would. She was here to lunch and had Pa's car. I phoned Chappel & all seemed serene, but next morning a wail came through phone "where's the soup?" Well I supposed Edythe had left it at wrong door. You know it is only a few moments walk from where she lives now to Edythe. I phoned. ���Oh��� says Edythe ���did not get there. Am taking it this afternoon.��� I was mad hat. ��� She *offered* & it was only 2 minutes out of her way. So poor Chappel got stale stuff. Oh for ! is *any* one reliable? Edythe is a dear but ?? with that ���hussy��� sister & Ma she���s bad as the rest. Chappel herself let me down bad enough on the typing. Enough ��� only you & me any good at all ��� eh? Glad you like the cemetery yarn ��� thought the Indian might annoy you. I'll save the rest till you get home, your holiday should be unblighted. When we've talked ourselves out, and sit with our pipes over the fire & our feet on mantelpiece, will resume. Meanwhile I work, sweating & snorting over a new theme (a mess of birds & people) that takes shape slowly -- very.   The chip monks are darling & getting so tame. Days are lighting up a little with thanks be. Do hope you can make nice comfortable reservation for home trip. How splendid to see you again, *fat brown* & *bursting* with experience. Ever affec, M.E. Miss Ruth Humphrey   c/o Mrs. Leo Marquard   12 Innes Ave   Blomfontein [Bloemfontein]   O.F.S. Africa      [postmarked Jan 5 1938 Victoria BC]


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