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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1937-11-07] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Nov 7, 1937

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 316 Beckley.   Nov 7 1937      Dear Ruth       They tell me (Mrs Chappell) It is time to write you for Xmas it always is time to catch S.A. about midsummer for Xmas. As a letter writer I confess *you* are a dissapointer--always breathless & hurried. & never answer questions perhaps you have not time to read the ones you get? re: = every letter I have written since you left Vic. I asked you *a* question Re: Blackwoods = *who* did you tell them to return M.S. to & where. Now I guess its no good anyways they write me it *was* returned to *Miss Humphrey last May Miss Humphrey*, 316 Beckley so thats goodbye to D'Sonoyha, if you'd answered at first I might have traced it but not after all these months. It was *not* delivered there nor was it returned to Blackwoods. They said "they could not make any preference for its publication" Sedgewick has been very ill and never done a thing according to promise well thats that. dont blame you in least bit. wish you would indicate you read letters by answer 2)      which sulked so. Mrs Jameson drove me to town to select it I feel lost when I go to town--had business at the bank, & gasped like a fish. don't walk any better than six months back.    Mrs Chappell came in for supper this week. see why she gives me the woolies. how terrible to take life the way she does. She has moved & thinks it will be better for her. I hope to goodness it will cheer her up she does grudge & grouch. I know you know (because she told me you did) about her drinking brandy to keep her up says she'd go under but for it but I think it is such an aweful outlook to let herself become de-pendent on the stuff. don't you? she is so very unstable they seem such an unhappy tragic family. I think myself she is jolly lucky to have a steady job. these days but she grumbles & grouches at her pay very so much smaller than the colledge professors. If she pays 6.00 per bottle for that stuff, & apparently has to have it often no wonder she runs short of this. How frightful for a ma 3)   Willie rigged up the 70 year old doorbell from home to my front door he put it on the door though so it rings when the door opens like a shop. I feel like rushing out & saying, butter? soap? candles or boots. but the old tingle is rather nice in remembering.    Sister's fair--like me a bit on the cranky side after the upheavel. her eye No 1 is better--Eye No 2 worse    Margaret Clay just phones she was in from Shawnigain had been speeching at the scool. said she's had a letter from you.    Have done another bunch of stories, and am now going to quit working. anyhow for a time. Till I get a spasm. I used to envy this girl I told you friend of mine married in South Africa so tall she was so 'even' always the same and me so 'spasmy.' but I think perhaps the downs are more than compensated for by the ups.    Mrs Cash told me there is a Mrs Baird here has just written a best seller book called 'John' she's an english woman married 2 kids. & been here a year. Said she had not reaid it but ha


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