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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1938-02 -23] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Feb 23, 1938

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 Feb 23 [1938]   Dear Ruth   Nice of your letter to come Monday so I can enjoy it abed. I did what you asked me to do this time last time too. read your country description to Margaret -- somebody proper if it was Margaret -- no Edythe it was said old Miss Cain was telling people Ruth was homesick & sick of Africa so I read Margaret your thrills & will read her your next while I am sure she will enjoy as I did -- I rejoice every time in your enjoyment of it all & certainly *do not* find you pining for BC Well I never if it's Russia next. I don't know what will happen to Ruthie's morals before she if she does come back to poor dear dull old BC but keep out of China & Spain *please*. Well by now you will have me old Ethel, of course I have not seen her for 40 or more years, only written once or twice per year. She loved BC as greatly as you love Africa but I doubt now will ever come back here her children & interests are there now -- So you're going to wriggle Africawards in future incarnation. Will you be black? Well during this one you'll be back & back & back that's the best part of us -- remembering -- you are filling yourself up for old age and its a swell way to do. When your mouth is a toothless hole -- eyes dim -- joints stiff, you can sit or lie & ruminate & relive your absorbing. Good girl you've sure atoned for premier shoddiness of letter writing. Your long letters are fine & much enjoyed & appreciated -- you say getting your nerve back? when did you lose it? any accidents? Those native villages must be fascinating & how much nicer the dressing of the children in necklaces & reeds. How much did you hob with the missionaries. My sister was dreadfully interested in one our there somewhere. Harman by name -- dreadful stick. in principal mission work is ok but in practice all the dreadfullest old snooks & hussies!!!   How days fly, I seem to accomplish extremely little. Am feeling pretty good. Dr. said heart is better, has given me some pills -- hopes of getting some fat off, but there it is, solid as ever. Said he could not do it before as he did not know if the old pump was going to respond to treatment or not , & *it so* maybe. I kick stars out of the sky yet.   Willie is building me an aviary & I have 6 lovebirds to put int it just outside the sitting room window. All ready for the 6 macaws and 12 African Greys (parrots) and 1 pair flamingoes (he can construct the Baboon house later).   Had some people name Porteous this week, come from Isle d���Orleans near Montreal. Know them? Piloted by Miss Agnew ��� hate that busious nosiness of Miss A. too smart & bossy. Girl is an infantile [paralysis] victim Came in a wheel chaise. Get that & six people in my little front studio & you can imagine the smash & the worst is Thea [??] (the lame chair girl) only said "au revoir" & intends coming back with a sister -- but she has to drag a retinue to boost her up the steps. usually one *intends* to like & feel tender to a cripple but the thing was so spoilt & self satisfied she riled one & kicked yourself for riling & being detestable. to feel so --- No painting but "Chins Up"  growing slowly to completion.   I put an ad in and had about 35 applications for a ���Louise��� and Monday will see my ���pick��� in place ��� these things must be ���    Two months since I saw or hear of Chappell; evidently she has no desire to fulfill her obligation but perhaps she thinks *half* a bunch of little stories *half typed* and *kept* for months are worth $35.00. I don���t, do you? Margaret has not been well ��� flue & colds. ��� This girl must get up it 11 am & Ruth rising for journeys at 5 am. *WHEN* do you shake Africa off your tootsies? Actually sail? & *where from???* Now child be good. Take care of yourself ��� have fun ��� and don���t forget you have a friend here & there in North America too and at least we don't have "ants" or only enough to enjoy. Nor draughts -- only enough to get the wash dry. -- Nor black people = at least with washing they come white not snakes etc etc. and we're looking forward to having Ruth home some day.   Yours ever, M.E.   Reading ���Lust of Life���. Poor Vincent Van Gogh but what an impossible person. So unstable. One has to cut all that away & *forget the man* and love his work. He himself ��� his sex * love affairs ��� his filthy clothes ��� clothes & habits his perpetual yowl for money-money his raving & starvings. Well it���s all an awful fumble of beauty & frightfulness. However every single book & life of him is completely different so probably they are all lies. He���s humble 7 loathsome in same page. I wonder is it possible for anyone to know anyone else.   Well I hope 52 Dorp st is right; just it was 94 Dorp anyhow if is Dorphine enough it should hit their mark. Willy finished the aviary shed.   Wonder how much longer I write to Stellenbosch. Don���t forget to keep me post in address.


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