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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1938-03 -07] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Mar 7, 1938

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 316 Beckley St   March 7 [1938]   Have thought about you continually last two weeks, perhaps more for not having written. Today came yours -- you have been so good writing during your busy exciting side trip. It is hard when one is travelling & visiting, & you're a peach. Haven't been well also overwhelming headache, in bed last 3 days. Well you tell me of your visit with Ethel, and shortly before I had a letter from Ethel telling me her side of the visit and I am so delighted hearing all about her in her home. She was a lovely girl & I am sure still is, and it was a tremendous pleasure to her to see someone from Victoria. She told me a few weeks before she had a man, Kalsoung, [?] who was from B.C. She was even pleased with him to talk to. Really I don���t know how you keep the going up Ruth. I should be so dead tire, expect you are too, but I���d be so hateful with weariness nobody���d want to have me & you apparently are not for people all want you. I do rejoice in your enjoyment of things, even if it makes you poorer you'll always be glad. Your bank might *bust* but not your rich memories.I wonder how much longer you have of Africa. Every letter I write I wonder if it will be in time. I have enjoyed Africa so much with you. Ethel said you had seen more (heaps more) of it than she had in 35 years. But it took spunk and receptiveness to keep going & absorb. How good it will be to chin again. Don't mind B.C. being treeish & hillocky, it can't help it & we���re here loving you in it. Seems to me I never saw steps [??] so nice as I do now when I see them seldom a little ride along the tree roads & I come back & see it for a few days. Mrs Cash took me for a drive last week. Uplands & really the sky was grand. I could have dumped & sketched a hundred times. I had been planning perhaps to get down in the Macdonald Park & having a go but -- oh well ��� pr���aps I've finished painting. If so it's all right;-but I shall do more if I can. Anyhow I am glad I wasn't lazy when I could. Louise has gone home, & I have a nice Flora -- so far we are doing fine, she likes the pups & they her.   Things are all bursting out, am having a Chinaman to dig soon, seeds already in flower boxes. You know that Poinsettia pot you gave me? I call it my joy bells it is putting on leaves & well I hope give me joybells soon they say it is flowering [??] gold bells with brown clappers ��� lovely. Well I've been pegging away at 'Chins Up' -- no word from Ryerson Press, except MS returned without thanks any minute. When you come home you will write a book -- :your point of view of Africa. It���ll be thrilling, have *enormous* returns & reinflate your pouch after emptying it -- then off to one or other of the pair of poles, flying next time I guess -- Heaven forbid you hire me as maid. I hope even my ashes won't have to fly, ever.   Seen nobody interesting -- smelled nothing nice -- eaten nothing lavish, so why, why, why, waste material & bore pore Ruthie? Have more good times -- don't return stuck up. ��� As to lovers you are mute. Are there none? I don���t *forbid* them actually. Just pick selectively & Bless you.   Yours ever,   M.E. [postmarked Mar 7 1938, Victoria BC]   Miss Ruth Humphrey   52 Dorp St   Stellenbosch   C.P.   Africa


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