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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1938-02-06] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Feb 6, 1938

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 Feb 6 [1938]   My Dear Ruth,   What a peachy letter. Yours of all about the big farm and Africa & flamingoes (bring one home do) & natures & heat & drives & Ruthie I read lots about farm & Louise & about Africa & Alice & will & both thrilled as either of those sedates could thrill. Every thought of your first evil ways in epistolizing (so much for Sedgwick) is clean wiped out -- you write so grand lately, & I can see Africa deliciously at times, instead of the Leckeys back door from Studio window. I'm exhausted! just got m.s. 6 stories & 20 Indian sketches just done up to send to Dr Pierce of Ryerson press tomorrow -- almost as relieved than there packed & ready as if they were published. & paid for you don't know how I hate that getting off -- is it old age? It seems as if one can't make headway. I know ever since 5 Dec when I go them from Sedgewick till now 5th of Feb getting Margaret���s letter for Dr. Pierce. I know she is busy as can be and often times not ?? & should not be bothered with extras. I have slacked too at going over the pesky things & righting some corrections of Dr. S.���s ?? spelling and punct. It is astonishing how many there were in the type. Ruthie you���ll just have to go *partners* on my 50x50 basis as I wanted you to or I garbage can the lot. I love to work & I *loathe* with black hate exhibiting pictures & chasing of Publishers. Haven't one suspicion of an idea. Dr Pierce will be fooled into using them. I'm reading that "John" by a Mrs [Irene] Baird of Victoria (English woman every one is reading it) so far 1/2 through it does not thrill me. May end with a roar though.   Have had Nan Cheney & a Dr Trapp is it? I don't know, female radiologist all afternoon. Enjoyed them. & then I sat on three fool mss's til the were wrapped and roped. Louise can post tomorrow. It���s been so raw cold. Yes you are going to pout over Vic. Weather I forsee after your African roast. Africa light gayety & great flowers so gay. You might bring a black maid along with the flamingo for me. Have you got passage yet? Then I spose It Paris Longdon & East for aeons & epochs? Soon I shall start embroidering a great banner Welcome Home to Ruthie to hang across Beckley St.   It's tomorrow & I have the grace to blush when I tried to read this over & couldn't. Poor Ruth! Miss Ruth Humphrey   52 Dorp St   Stellenbosch. C. P.   Africa      [postmarked Victoria, BC Feb 7 1938]


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