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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1938-05-09] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 May 9, 1938

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 May 9 [postmarked June 9 1938]   Dear Ruth   Where are you now? I don't feel I can locate you -- like a flea nipping first one spot & then another & not sitting to be caught. Got your evening??? dress, slacks & 3 piece and think you a real smarter to make them ?? & hope you enjoy wearing them.    All nervy today , result of a 'critter'-- friend of my sister Lizzie who blights us from the U.S. periodically. She's religious mad, has -- taken up spook writing (spook dictation). I can't stand the woman, neither can Alice, but she was an adored friend of L's and expects us to reciprocate when she descends, & I want to bite scratch & shriek. A. & I have both suffered [suppered?] her, & have to tea at the Empress Saturday. Poor devil is an 'infantile paralysis', and screws herself & twists her face & gasps & giggles. All the time I loathe myself for the repulsion I feel (not at her physical but mental) And her Art attitude is revolting. I never speak look or think a word or *thought* of work while she is in the same block. I remember she & L. coming to one of my exhibitions. They stalked in stalked round stalked out with their lips sewn together - both pair & their eyes popping with insult & derision. I felt like a dish of fine ground flour when they left. You never told me what Christina's cousin's pictures were when she came from where she went sketching?? What a letter (vicious). Well I'll think nice now--- the nicest is the birds -- delicious little innocent faces peeping from holes���very *very* slow to come out & I don't blame them ~, for our winds have been at their bitterest regular hurricanes mashing the flowers to pulp ��� hateful! The canaries did not hatch, gave up in their shells, everybody's the same this year. If they step out of shell they wither up & die right off. Willie has converted my hen house into a lovely place for them. The front is exposed (veranda) & I can sit with them -- it's s so big here in H.H.   Been painting (last week). This week too windy. Can't walk in wind get pain. The Macdonald Park is lovely with new green & I'm studying there with joy. Also have taken a 3 room cottage for July, Telegraph Bay beyond Cadboro, a farm cottage away from summerers (I hope). *Shirley* (my girl) is delighted & I hope Alice will come some of the time. Them, is beach with low bank and woods, & I am looking forwad to it. It is easy of access too. Shirley can come in twice a week & water the garden.   Mrs Boultbee (my niece) has broken her hip, just as she was about to leave for England. It's miserable for her, poor thing, & her son laid up with heart.   Well, don't frown too hard at the mediocrities of our dull British civilization (tho' the silly *English* give me pip myself)(even now you may be in Russia revoluting).   Love, M.E. [postmarked June 9, 1938]   Miss ruth Humphrey   c/o Bank of Montreal   Waterloo Place   Pal Mal   London, Eng


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