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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1938-05-08] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 May 8, 1938

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 Sunday May 8 [1938]   Dear Ruth,   And so I take my pen (isn't, it's a pencil) in hand to write to your with a glorious Sunday sun shining on me one moment and the devil's own wind blasting me the next ��� poor temper weather, even the love birds are at outs, and Mrs  Canary has up and died, which is extremely provoking of her. Jack Grant & his lady love just been to bring me some books . . . Yesterday I went to the University Women's Club meeting, it was in a lovely wildish garden Mrs. Something Miss Alyard came for me, picking up 3 other old crows too.   I had a new hat e-;high time too. Had to dodge the police every time I went out last year. There were a lot of ladies, nearly all of them *very ugly*, but but some quite nice. Mrs. Smith (President I think) is quite pretty & charming. A young person gave a dissertation on the stars, looking so young you rather expected her to start with ���Twinkle, twinkle��� but she endeavoured to elucidate the entire solar system to us as if we were still incubator babies, using such similes as ���currant buns��� with butter between. I remember the constellations were currants, but I forget what place the butter takes. And she told us most particularly that it was not a *baker's* bun but the kind that ���mothers make.��� I sat on a little hard straight chair because I wanted *all* of it & the others were those sloppy envelopers that are built for two, but were filled to capacity (six deep), because there were only two & a chesterfield. All the rest sat on the floor & found the other women's (the ones in the seats) knees bony. I a was tired & wheezy after the stars, & Miss Alyard put me on the porch all alone & brought me eats & I had a lovely time there with the trees   & mountains, and got rested. The President was 'flowered' and then Dr. Ryan and myself were ���corsaged��� (carnations, lily valley & sweet peas) driven into us with a great white headed spike -- hers for being such an old useful member) mine for being a new & stupid one. Got a letter from you yesterday in answer to the extravagant one. Well that should have reached you hundreds of moons ago (in answer to Ethel Fall's address) and they told me at our TWO FOOL P.O.s that that was the letter fare air mail.   Well, I got yours yesterday and was greatly delighted at the brawl) but I can't see why you did not go out & get into the thick of it. I'd thought you'd have liked that. Life is anything but dull in S.A. apparently. Poor Ruth, coming back where nothing ever happens, & we are all pasty-faced whites.   I've been wrestling again with 'Salt Water & A Woman',--,read it to Flora. Its reactions to our over & under the sea poorly done I'm afraid, but I've put lots of honest grind on it. Am typing it for the third time & probably it will want 1000000 million more doings over. Flora Burns thinks I've improved, but me? I don't know. I do seem to find such cartloads of new faults with each re-reading , as though I could never get it clear or right on paper. Flora is typing two child stories & making an extra *I think* for you. Will send to *England* if so. Painted a little last week (half-heartedly). Seem to have come to an impasse & am worried about it ��� been side-washed among high & dry drift. Maybe a flood tide will come in some day & wash me out maybe I'll shrivel & parch & fly away in bits ��� who can tell?   Domesticity-- sister very uncomfortably in 316 Beckley at the moment. I told you my good Flora upped & quit ��� ���I hear wanted a sleep-out job.��� The successor is very ��� very ��� after one week. I feel she's pretty hopeless & told her so, but she has begged for one more week's trial. So I have given in to another week of misery. The girl is 20, has been out before, but evidently nobody can be bothered with her long. She is very simple & inefficient, and cooking *abominable* but she does *want* to stay & please, so I have to give her a tryout. She is at least good-tempered & likes the beasts, but my poor stomach!!!    I sent my last letter to Trafalgar Sq. Bank of Montreal. Well, I hope it may wiggle round the Charing Cross lions & come to Ruthie somersaulting. They say London Post Office is a reputable corporation.   My little garden strip is very jollyish with wallflower bluebells & marigold sitting pretty as in the days of Adam & Eve & horticulturally unimproved. Reading The Bridge of San Luis Rey. Time I ate. Girl's Sunday off so I can glut myself apart from her messes. One dreadful nuisance is that she won't eat her own meals but stuffs on every scrap of. sweet stuff she can lay her hands on in my larder between meals. Likes pie & cake for a straight diet. The ways of the female helpers are obscure -- may help to slim me to have untempting viands flung under my nose 3 times per day. I've tried to teach her to make toast for one solid week; result she builds a high flame and holds the bread 4 feet above it till thoroughly smoked, with white insides. All cookery on this level. The last girl I had cooked *beautifully.* I hear Margaret has been laid up for a few days, have not seen her. Goodbye love galore, M.E.   P.S. Thanks for snaps ��� loved them will keep for you.   Am so relieved you are having a *cabin* and not a sitter. Once I had an inside one & & found I got *more air* that a porthole as that was ordered so much shut in rough weather whereas insides are built for ventilation all time. M.E.


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