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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1938-05-23] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 May 23, 1938

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 [postmarked May 23, 1938]   Dear etc.   (beginning)      And if I don't hurry you'll have arrived & find no waiting greet back   to your native Empire. Have just fixed your photo to the Indian basket beside my bed(Only ��� Monday ��� starve - lay-low-day) & pricked my finger furiously, all because of Ruthie's higeous slack-pants & the prickly pear. If I'd kept my eye on the face all would have been well. Well, I've had a week. Nan Cheney has been over from Van. with a squeaky rattley little car & I've been going places, enjoying it very much, but glad of my 'recoup day.' Got yours Saturday when you were weeping over goodbye to that parched up anteaten tropic. (cabin ???) I do rejoice you are to be quit of those other five; can't think how anyone short of the admiral himself could wangle a *whole* room in a crowded vessel -- such swank, I never did!! & at the minute I expect you are gambling in your slacks on the bridge, and cocktailing.   Listen! **I** even! Myself! am invited to a cocktail party-/ put that in your pipe. I expect my sister's ghost to rise at any moment, but there are *extenuating circumstances* & I *may not go*. Mr. Will Spencer's daughter a young thing who 'Arts' is giving an exhibition & Ma who I *know not* phoned me to explain why she was inviting so undrinking & earthy a clod as myself. Sara is to fetch me, but as yet Sara has not intimated her desire. The 'higher fate' had already endowed me with a new dress & hat & an intuition ���to prepare���. Hope I shall not soil the same while rolling under the ���Spencerian table,��� but as I already said, I may not go Sara & the Lord preventing.   Well Nan & I have been hunting for a spot where I might locate for a   month, we went to see the van -- pretty rattletrap -- same as her owner   now, & I feel hardly worth fixing up-- cost too much & too much worry & labor, so I am trying to sell her. Need more comfort & space for companion. So we brought home things I wanted to keep & the rest goes   for a song if anyone will sing it. Out at Telegraph Bay I came upon   a nice little cottage on a milk run, would do fine for a month but it was just rented for two months, so I expect I sit home. All country cottages are high these few months, and after May they get too leafy and ugly for a bit, & ridden by yelling school age youngsters. I could have got to both sea & woods easily at Telegraph Bay, but maybe it had bedbugs, or some other intervention prevented me from disaster. I've been roaring mad. Those miserable Ryerson Press people have cooly told me they have lost my 20 Indian sketches & 5 short stories. They have moved and say very calmly they - are ���sorry��� but so it is, isn't *it vile?* First D'Sonoqua -- I never got that copy in England back, then this -- makes one swear that will give up tying to send out. Margaret was in to sup this week & has gone on her holiday. She had not heard from you & says you are going to Russia. You did not tell me in my letter got two days later, but M. spoke as if you definitely knew. Well, well. Anyhow you enjoyed Africa, and it sure must be lovely & spacey, but the glare & dryness would shrivel me.   Birds chipping in the tree trunks but not visible to the naked eye yet -- my love birds I mean. At last those blighting winds have abated -- we had roarers this Spring--very loathsome.   Am *pretty good* but *very tired*. Had Nan from eleven a.m. to ten p.m. for five days, & did a lot of out for me, & feel like a church without a congregation -- vacuum cleaned, so excuse a very dull.   And lots of love, M.E. [postmarked May 23, 1938, Vicotria BC]   Miss Ruth Humphrey   c/o Bank of Montreal   Waterloo Place   Pall Mal   London Eng


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