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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1941-08-10] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Aug 10, 1941

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 1941 - to Kye Bay      Sunday Aug 10    6 A.M.      Dear Ruth    3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 o'cloch. I'm sick of being awake day as come why not pester you? Well what a lively time you have had with visitors I wonder the walls did not bust. Some of them must have slept in the chimney. Fancy little Gillian shelling peas! Bless her & you for making her domestic.    I'm just rearing again after a flat boys got into my aviaries let the birds out smashed eggs, tormented & frightened. Emily hurried and lost her temper,and collapsed. Neighbours saw Emily being escorted police arm on one side strange woman on the other into house - scandal - flop of weeks duration when I had only just quit hybernating for a week's rest - always something! Now I'm immersed in teeth! They make the most elaborate ceremonial of it now. Your, yawn, bit, chew talk smile all have to be measured. You have every shade from dark brown to pearly white to choose from. You must giggle, cough, sniff & talk in a mirror with the dentist watching. he measures your nose makes you a cardboard profile & even looks behind your ears & it takes 6 sessions to do it all - my before plates (20 years back) were simply made by opening mouth throwing in a handfull of teeth & squraling for 20 years of misfit - things do change! Seems rather a waste on such old jaws! I'm being completely *renovated* - some New hair shoes, coat hat - forced to by laws 2      of decency. I was naked (no clothes for 5 years)      Ira sent me the most ripping crit on "Bobtails" I am going to do a little more on it. I never tumbled more wholehearted into a M.S. was darn fond of these Bobbies & I worked from there. Don't know when I go to Vancouver. Dentist wants me to hang around one week after he's finished so he can pick up any squeals. Ira's niece is in Victoria just now - meantime I want to get work on my exhibition. Well forward, and am well down to a finish, six latest canvases nearing the signing stage I am looking forward to the change in Vancouver & to working with Ira - the book!!!!! (we're about sick of the first) It is the 2nd that *now* holds the fort. That first isn't even *christened* we are surfeited with suspense - Mr clark is away No one know where. Nothing is shure but WAR I'll confess I never give the old book a thought now am too busy *working* give myself entirely to Bobtail. "Do's" are always so much more entertaining than "Done's"      Doves do much love making around dawn & Chippie grinds his wheel. Birds sing dogs snore. I like them all I wish my sleep-apparatus was as active ----- at last it worked & I went for 1 1/2 hours. I *don't* like great heat. Summer is getting on, be gone before we know well there you are! be *shure* & lazy a bit before 3/      Youth burst on you bawling for scholastic knowledge.      Alice has two Hennel's from N.Y. They are not in the house but on Dallas Road and here quite often that is nice for her (boy & girl). I hope I go for my few days to Van. before they leave It would be nice to know she had company.      The maid rumbles of a desire for obtaining an office or store job where she can *rise* N. B. (where she can get a chance to marry) Mother says she has had a *good* education (High school) and should make something of herself Why won't the lttle fools see *honor* in *home* keeping not be all rushing for *careers*. I tell you Education is all wrong. Humphrey is in kaki. Came to see me (Ambulance Corp) looks nice.      One hates to see them go and hates worse to see them stay What a devil of a time our hates give us. Flora is tripping round vernon. Everybody trips but Milly.       Well my lamb bless you I've no more to say. Goodye      M.E. 1941      Aug. 10      (to Kye Bay)


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