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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1941-07-06] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Jul 6, 1941

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 Sunday July 6      Dear Ruth   Sunday is only *half long* enough. Well I am glad to get yours & hear you were completely adjusted  fine for you to have a tent I *love* tent-sleep but I *like* my tent in the shade. Wouldn't I love to be in on *this minute* I have an awning on my porch now & love it out there for stray lies. Have had terrible hankers for the woods lately. Nice for the little girls to be togeter & play. I wish I was there too. If I can settle just for *certain* whats what I may try & find a space hole to draw a truth or two in not but what I'm fine here with my veranda and tiny garden but one does long, occasionaly for beyond. Ira has been so dreadfully busy and Mr. Clarke so slow & change-minded over settling title etc, things seem slow. Ira was East a couple of weeks back. says Clarke is *delighted* with material. says the M.S. are in grand shape was delighted with broadcasts too. told Ira he never saw his printers chuckle so over material before as they did over this. Ira said so many people he met in East spoke of the broadcasts & anticpated the book.   The work is very selected for the *second* book now odd M.S. & "Litttle town and Little girl" it is hard posessing one's soul in patience. Mr Dilworth feels it too we have been expecting page proof. He is so good, so understanding & comfortable as a backer. About the Pictures? Well its Lawren's scheme. When he came out & saw my things he felt there should be a reserve selection set aside for Western Canada. & he & Ira got together (they are warm friends & admire each other greatly). It amounts to this they've formed a 'trust' Lawren & Ira are the trustees I have *given* to Canada (West) a big selection of my best for all time. Mr. Lawson has been working on legal side by giving in my life time a heavy death duty is avoided. (there are plenty left for that) they go on as ever. No change much till I die -- thats all. I don't say anything about it, I do not not know if they do or not they are both such fine people, & so good to me, both so deliciously Canadian & strong for the West. Now I think I have told you everything. I expect I shall now live 1000 years, but goodness knows what'll happen to *anything* one dare not think or plan just push on. shouldn't think pictures will have much value for eaons & eaons of time. In meanwhile I paint. 5 new Indian ones nearly finished and a new M.S. Thank goodness one has something to switch ones sitting-mind on besides perpetual War. economy of paper & scarcity of newses prevent more. enjoy -- rest-- recupe. Yours M.E. [Victoria July 8 11 PM 1941]      Mrs. R. Humphrey   c/o Mr Edwards,   Box 201 Comox   B.C.      K.W. almost born -- Small taken on trust -- pictures for West --    Has been painting (5 new Indian ones nearly finished)


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