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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1942-08-18] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Jul 18, 1942

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 218 St Andrews St   July 18 1942      Dear Ruth   Glad to hear of & see your East - like my West better but each can like our own can't we? Still I think your coast must be very lovely What strange formations of rock! Well, the Summer has been *terriffic* *Wet, wet, wetter*, no space between drops - solid sheets of liquid today its been fine for 1/2 day. Just (3 weeks agoe) we had a *fearful* spell of heat We dripped & wilted. I *much* prefer the rain the other nearly finished me.   I have a little married friend with me for a month has been ill & I got her out to recoup: I know her well & enjoy her We lay in bed till noon. She is help not hinderence except that I don't get so much writing & painting in, & my 'One Man' comes in Oct!!!!!   No special news. 'Small' is due to come next month, but the 2/   publishing troubles are thick just now. Mr. Clarke is tearing his hair. He tells me from henceforth Me and Athlone & the medal embellish Klee Wyck's face, by special (next to royal) permit.   Summer is gone & not come yet.   Flora Burns had Carol (my friend) & Margaret Clay & me to tea at Empress today nice tea party, only were swamped by two old stiffs who slightly marred our joy. I've been walking in the Park with Carol several times through the opp. place. It is only a little way. Jane is to spend her holiday with me while the family of Dilworth are vacationing She & Sara will have great times - Ira is going East.   Glad Gillian is frisking with the lambs & in health - hope you the same. be good. Rest well & come home vital & ready for the fray. maybbe you will have to teach *extemporary* - no books.   lots of love  Yours - Emily [Postmark]   VICTORIA BC   JUL 19 1942   11 PM      Miss Ruth Humphrey   c/o Mrs C. P. Humphrey   W. B. Westfield Center   Canada      [Crossed out:   c/o C. R. Peters   Elmshurst - King Co]


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