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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1943] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 1943

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 [1943]    Dear Ruth   I am almost too shamed to hold a pencil. I dont know how many times I nearly phoned and not quite. you must put me down an ungrateful Beast and Margaret brought your extra delicious cake last SUNDAY. I hate phones. Today my phone is dead so I spose now I'm being punished by High Heaven now. we've put in complaint 20 now they are just ringing straight  on end & we can't get a soul nor they us. I spose you are on the high tear per usual. I am very busy too. not that I do much but it takes me so long to collect my materials just as you are collected a visitor comes, or some one declares that is they only moment they can take me out wheeling. yesterday was the first day I'd been out since Saturday. it has been so cold. we've been out to see the millions of visiting ducks in the park. Well Ruth thank you ever so. I wish you'd teach shanks the fool how to save enough sugar to make a cake she's worse'n ever she was sposed to be going yesterday she does that dangled "this very afternoon" over my head just to upset me wonder what next and Alice wrung her hands & saying well, I don't know what! & the next five minutes will declare she never said it or that I was tiring her out. No one knows how the creature. I had to go for Alice the other night to sit in the room till shanks left me for the night. I said myself before her Alice sit here till this woman goes she doesn't dare insult me while you are there & she wont go when I tell her. she was furious. I ache to kick her out and dare not. I am unable to do for myself tho I doubt it would hurt me much more than this. Nobody knows how trying she is.    Well Ethel & I hope you will be able to get over soon       yours ever Emily


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