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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1937-05-21] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 May 21, 1937

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 Bed. May 21      Dear Ruth    I hope you survived the wedding poor dear never mind It would have been one slice worser if it had been your own. Oh gracious yes.   I phoned Mr Boulton, & he is going to cahrge Grant to Crane. Said he'd been ill & behind hand with work. Margaret Clay & I phoned other day. She was off to Seattle to lecture (poor thing) & *says* she is coming to see me when she comes home. Yes you did mention Dr Sedgewick to me I having my doubts you tracked him or that he'd bite when you did, but you're a peach (no rotten spots or worms at the core either) Hope Mr. Jack Grant will turn up one day with the sketch. Mrs Chappel was to come over this aft. but phoned she had extra work to do so could not make it & its just as well I'm not very nice these days Dr was out yesterday & changed treatment Probably I'll feel better some day. Its more mean than serious I think. Well tabbies must expect to sit down & lick their stripes in the sun, not always be chasing mice & birds.   I have not set eye on Miss Bruce. Willie saw her but *you* know tho' I like *her* awfully her stuff is trype just a jargon of art words poor dear and I can't help her out with my own obituary & the whole thing is such utter 'Tommy rot" that blab & bleat. The only thing that matters really Ruth is the driving after the thing *honestly*. We are so dishonest by nature the way we hoosink ourselves that we are doing our best when we are only skimming lazyly over the top like water bugs.   Your multitide of addresses make me giddy but I am so glad you gave them to me. I can picture you tearing form one to the other do keep that diary. No word from East the Gallery does not hurry its cheeks off after purchase does it? the Vancouver Gallery is waiting for a batch of pictures to come from Ottawa. When the committee will'sit' on them. The committee is pretty much composed of gentlemen that have Sweed turnips in the place of heads I am told.   My sisters eyes are - the Dr says very satisfactory She sees more (greater distance) but less clearly and she has a lot of pain & discomfort. It may be the other one that is getting worse or it may be the operated one is adjusting itself to its new job. She is alternately gay & a little depressed over them. He is is watching the other very carefully. She trots down almost every day & always bright. Today she has to go to the eye man. Louise is out (gone to Doctor also) What is wrong with the world the Doctors are the only ones buisy but I guess the poor devils collect slower than they prescribe. Louise is a dear child hope the Dr finds nother wrong - irregularity - I often think I am *so lucky* having a quiet independent place to be sick in I don't incomode anybody if I lie in bed or if I get up. Oh you know that funny variegated thing that grew in your Poinctetta pot at Xmas? Well it has all burst into entrancing little yellow & brown bells with brown clappers & everthing perfectly fascinating Such a joy when the bells waggle you really expect them to ring Nobody knows its name. I am making dozens of nightgowns, being I beleive, the shurest *safeguard to keep well*. also a bed jacket. 3/   Matilda is fine & Pout better. Only 3 chicks, thought life work the exertion of pecking out of its shell. They were duckey & striped. Been reading a rather good book & some 'shorts' The tires of my writing aparatus have gone flat for the moment punctured by liver I spose.    Now my dear I have to get 4 or 5 pencils & pads, all the callendars and your letter & figure out where to address this to. Now I expect you are tootling along in the train. If one could only travel without their body. All the feeding & weariness but of course one does *after* in remembering - that part sinks - I always do think travel is enjoyed more when its behind but it is marvelous looking & looking & looking out the train window too. I always remember two women opposite me, dreadfully bored & knitting to beat the band. "Oh dear they said Nothing but trees & rocks all day all day. I wish we'd get to some *scenery*." (And we going through the sublime Rockies at sunset)   Be good Ruth love me a little as you go along, and store up all the juice of your experiences against dull days.   Always affec. yours    M .E. Carr   P.S Don't worry about me. I'm really better and if you threw out my liver, heart & gall, I'd be *grand*. [Postmark]   VICTORIA CANADA   23   MY 21   37         Miss Ruth Humphries   Passenger  The 'Ausonia'   Cunard Docks   Montreal   Canada


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