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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1943-08] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Aug 19, 1943

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 Thursday      Dear Ruth      Glad to hear, glad its nice, Been very busy & pretty groggy Dr is trying some new heart stuff Hypos. Dr calls me the guinea-pig. I think its a waste myself. a chinaman responded but he was young & 'an up & kicking' case. It is a dollar a shot besides Doctors daily visit!    Shanks still alternately comforts & crazies me. she gets stupider. but is *trying* more over her cooking. I put my foot down firmly & said she *must* as I *could not* get out of bed and cook *for her* nor would I allow my blind sister to do our cooking (that was what Shanks liked) for myself I had no appetite. & if she made filthy messes she could eat them or starve. I provided food material & had shown & taught 4 month. She has really tried since then. bt without exception *is* the 'stupedist' I ever saw.    Have been working again last few days. Cleary old M.S. often write middle of night Dr. knows & says it is better than tossing. started at 5.30 the a.m. am on last lap of a M.S. at present. Ira sent me a marvelous crit. I am dying to work on crit as I was immersed in this. have left it till this is through. His crit was stiff and mercilass but bracing, and parts of it *very* complimentary and encouraging. each section had its separate comments. the C.B.C. Board of directors meeting in Van. has kept him terribly buisy, but was a great success they praised his Western work very highly. We have had it *very cold* (fires all day) bitter wind & some rain. Seems like summer has forgot    A fool from Regina came to see me yesterday, nearly killed me (a friend of Grace Campbell.) Thorn apple tree. she brought a sack full of clipping lots from K.W. & Surall among them & a long M.S of Grace Campbells. (very dull, tried me) at last exhausted I had to say oh please go *ow* she had been there one whole hour. "oh she said I did not realize you were so ill. are you alone? (Shanks was out) then I dont think I should leave you) she said "oh *please go* so I can get to bed!" & the last I remember is her clammy kiss on my brow. Dr Baily was furious & said I was *quite right* to tell her to go & that she was a fool. She left me a foolish poem (her own composition too) She said K.W. was *very clever* "It was not *meant* to be" I said "I was sick & wrote to kill time" She thinks Grace Campbell wonderful know her well. Well will expect you when my eye seen you every one has been away (except me) havent been even in garden for past 2 weeks. With yourself & Gillian come back healthy both all smily. Miss Ruth Humphrey   The Log House   c/o Miss Morgan   Crofton   B.C.


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