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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1937-05-17] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 May 17, 1937

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 316 Beckley St   Monday      Beloved Ruth   Gee you witch I did not now how much you meant till you took flight. That little telephone being all at sevens I could not even hear you. I tore at the company this a.m. The man said "You need not explain I can hear it for myself. It's impossible today Now why did it have to go bum Sunday when it mattered? Well that is the cussedness of things.   Just now someone left me the most marvelous box (long as a coffin) full of flowers to "Welcome me as a member of the University Women's Club" from the 'University Club of Victora'. I don't know what I felt All screw gee. It is frightfully good of them. I sort of can't get over it. Gladiola, Iris & Sweet pea. they ran up the other night Miss Fields to know if I could go to their dinner 19th of course I can't, but its lovely of them. When I opened the box of flowers I felt like old Koko. (the best Griffon I ever had) We were having tea at The Empress with someone & he was tucked up behind me in my chair. The hotel hostess was simply charmed with him and asked if he liked cream? She had overturned a jug onto one of the big silver salvers. She set the great salver in front of the wee dog & he was so embarrassed he put his tail down & bolted. Am afraid I was horribly doleful last night over the rotten phone. Truth is I *was*. Dreadfully nauciated all day & such tummy pains better today. I spose the darn thing will right itself in time and I have shame for my rattiness. I don't even want to paint Must get busy on another story 'Uclulet' is together, but needs cleaning. I read it aloud to Alice and she apparently *thought very little* of it and I'll confess I did myself. I think now it needs to lie by for a spell. When I feel mean, I can forget it in a story easier than any other way because I can go back & live in the lovely places.   Well my dear, you are now really underway for your travels and what fun! The year will soon go & you'll be back provided that *He* thing desn't anex you. Meantime, I hope we'll get to know another side of each other - the correspondence side -    A's eyes progess The Dr is very pleased. She is funny, pleased & dissapointed both. She sees a little better (more) but is *more blurred*. The does & the doesn't is perplexing. However Dr Elkington is so delighted, he is going to do the other and oh the joy if she will be spared total blindness. Now my dear I'll write again to Montreal because when you toot along from there, there will be a long blank, and its nice to get letters even if they are only bills & advertisements. Matilda is robust again    Affec. yours, Emily Carr [Postmark]   VICTORIA B.C   MAY 17 1937   11 PM         Miss Ruth Humphries   4640 Roslyn Ave   Montreal   Canada


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