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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1943-10-29] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Oct 23, 1943

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 218 St Andrews   Friday      Thank you for writing- much more direct than messaging - though that *baboon* Shanks she's pretty hopeless. *loves* to take messages and converse *and* know all my business, which I am pretty secretive over. I don't believe in discussing my affairs with my help - & Shanks is extremely 'nosey' which makes me extra secretive.   I am so sorry there have been College bothers. I guess good replacements of suitable men are hard to find these days. I am very sorry for these older men. they get none of the glamor & glory of war but have to work so hard doing the extras & overlaps left by the young men gone out to glory. Oh this beast war! and already the nations squabbling among theselves over the gains, and I can't see them (especially the British as a nation) truly thinking Chinese & other nations their equal no matter *how* they prate now can you?   I've had a bad cold Shanks & Alice got it first thought I has going to miss, but when I did succumb got it good & heavy but it *ought*  to be clearing up soon. had started getting up a little but returned to bed again. Oh goodness *over a year in bed* (YOu can hardly call the few hours in the studio for a few days "ups"! November is pretty filthy, so dark. The whole year has been filthy and I *won't* say it hasn't. A winter with a wretched summer following. All the jammy things *restricted* as well as jam. (I simply *won't* by Pollyannish) Those folks make me *sick*. Slanging gets it off the chest & is *normal* and *healthy*. You always feel clearer for it! Lawren Harris has just read the Biog: he is delighted with it. His only complaint is some items I thought unworthy and Ira did not know about (work things Lawren knew long agoe & I'd forgotten.) he wanted some additions. I refused to make without Ira's consent, as the M.S. belongs to him however he was entirely in agreement he & Lawren are very fond of one another & both fond of me. So the consequence has been a bundle of new additions to Biog: Lawren is all for the old name "Growing Pains." Thinks nothing could be more appropriate. So thats that.   Hope I *shall* see you *some day* I know well how buisy you are. I am the only drone. but being sick as a hard business in itself. I rather scrubb and char.!    All kinds of love    Yours,   Emily [Postmark]   October 29   1943   11 PM      Miss Ruth Humphrey    1132 Richardson St   Victoria   B.C.


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