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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1943-09] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Aug 31, 1943

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 [To Crofton - late Aug or Early Sept. 1943 R. Humphrey]    Dear Ruth  I've often thought on you these days but thinking is *not* practical. Have been very very wretched (this infernel Cardiac Asthma) have taken a great deal of dope. Dr says I need sleep more than anything else in world its heavy hevy sleep. if I don't take enough to put me right under then I cry & cry & cry regular Leakey Barrel as low spirited as a pet turtle unable to work read or write not guts enough even to direct Shanks, who get more of a *fool each moment* goes deliberately & does exactly what you tell her *not* to she is enough to try a Saint (I aint)(Saint) & yet so kindly just *can* just *won't* I honest believe she has a nut missing. She asks the same question over & over. Today she started at 2. asked "would you like a little cup of tea" "No thanks I just had some water mellon" at 15 minutes intervals (I was writing a letter) "would you like a little cup of tea" fortunately a visitor came then after 4th time asking in one hour but you can see it *is* exhasperating She's terribly nosey too particularly over my letters & that annoys me. Well that is the price I have to pay for kindness I spose. Your cake was a gold round moon and *de*-licious. I *really* enjoyed it (appetite clean gone since one month before Easter) only the two weeks in hospital where food was good & I was *hand* fed.  Am so glad all is so satisfactory at your camp & confortable personaly I'd rather far stare at trees than sea. I remember nearly breaking a friendship for good when about 8 or 9 with another little girl same age because I said sea *was cruel & I liked trees best* and she declared woods were stupid & the only place to play was on the beach.  No the pictures are'nt back they are sitting in Van Gallery waiting shipment for Seattle where they are to be on display one month & return in Oct  I know ever mosquito on Vancouver Is. & everone has bit me so knows my taste Lor they were worse than the hospital hypos & goodness knows *they* were incessant - hurt too. I was full of envy of you till that sentence, remember me to the whole mosquito clan & tell them I've no more juice left for them Mrs Dilworth died.2 weeks agoe. Its broken Ira all up seeing her suffer so at the end - well have a good time and rest, rest rest - school will be back on you remember [???]  Emily 1943 -    late Aug (or early Sept, before opening of primary Schools *for Gillian*)    Also dated by ref. to the Exhibition's of E.C.'s paintings (See *Emily Carr: Her Paintings and Sketches* - *Oxford university Press, 1945)    *though the dates given in this publication has been sharply criticized


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