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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1943-08-08] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 Aug 8, 1943

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 218 St Andrews   Aug 8      Dear Ruth   Was so glad to get your letter & know it was all so nice at camp. I've conquered my jealous pangs now. First when I heard everyone talk of woodsey holidays I used to beat my wings on the bars. but now, I'm used to it. 7 years since my heart gave out. though I did get a couple of spells in woods after that, but now I remember you just *mustn't* expect at 70, etc and I *have* had more good times in camp than most people. Margaret has just been in to see me looking so well too. & then Dr Baillie came & took her away before we had half visited. he's been coming *every day* lately, is giving me that very up-to-datest heart medicine (hypo) he is a very kind old dear. sometimes I wish he did not give *so much medicine* like English Doctors but what can they do they have to try & relieve you somehow, & I'm so breastly because my whole system rebells at 2/   drugs I'd think the Dr would hate me when my internals kick at everthing, and all my deseases fight one another. I hope you enjoyed Jack & wife. I'm glad *I* did not have to marry Jack & he doubtless is *toooo* Shanks is still Shanks & *still stupid* I asked her the other day to give me a brush to wash my *feet* with and she handed me my *tooth Brush* its no good telling her *one* thing that just reminds her to do it hind-before And yet she *is* kind. Heaven forbid that she desert me. I procured a Cord of *burn* wood for which I paid $11.25 Still it **is** *something* towards winter. Today is hot We've been having it cold as Xmas *and its August*.   Hope you & Gillian are enjoying sea dips. "hang your clothes on a hickory tree & dont go near the water. You know the address you wrote me puzzled me for days I read it c/o of the *Hog* House. Oh you school marms Take plenty of rest & be good to yourself dont enter too many Give Ruth a *chance* Summer wont last *always* (hasnt begun yet) Yours Emily [Postmark]   VICTORIA B.C.   AUG 9   11 PM   1943      Miss Ruth Humphrey   c/o Miss Morgan   The Loy House   Crofton   V.I.


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