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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1937-05-27] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 May 27, 1937

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 [before visit from GGS]      316 Beckley St   May 27      Dear Ruth   I am so surprised to see you are only in Paris till June 14. Thought your were to be there aeons of times. well you be nearly there now. Hope you did not do anything naughty on the boat. Wonder if you got my letters one to Montreal and two to "Ausonia". Well, I'm still giddy from your letter, and Mrs Chappell's visit Friday & Margaret's visit yesterday. I'm better liver has sat down. The Doctor came along this morn. Said I was better but the attack had taken a lot out of me & I'd got to catch up again. But its good to feel some better & up again . Painted some last two days & been writing quite a bit best of that is I do it easiest in bed. Mrs Chappell simply *dis* gusted at the mess my M.S. and papers are in Threatens to install a filing system perhaps she & Willie will tidy me some day.   Willie always asks for you thinks you are fine *so do others* (female & male) I miss you like the Dickens my dear. Margaret had not collected her manuscript in from Mr Bolton, & Mrs C. but she's moving. I wrote to Dr Sedgewick. he has threatened a long while to look in to the studio when in Victoria but I guess he's always on the fly. Anyhow I invited him afresh. I read some of the old animal to Mrs Chappell (two of them) and found them very bad & drab. I was quite tickled to feel that the recent ones (since I worked under you) were better. I know you helped me an aweful lot Gee what'll I do when I can't set the new ones under your decerning eye. And when you come home perhaps your head will be the other way with fat living but I don't beleive it. You are not one to spoil, my dear.   Its cooled enough to enjoy the studio fire tonight. My sister was in this afternoon. She's been a little bluish last few days. The Doctor does rub in don't bank too high it may be only temporary. her head aches a lot.    Now for bed Maybe a P.S. later.      aff. MEC. [Postmark]   VICTORIA B.C.   MAY 28    1937   11PM      Miss Ruth Humphries   c/o Canadian Legation   1 Rue Francois 1st   Paris,   France


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