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[Letter, Emily Carr to Ruth Humphrey, 1937-05-22] Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 May 22, 1937

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 Bed. Saturday      Gee Whizz Ruth   What a flurry & a flutter you put me in just out of bed & clothed first time for days when your letter came. I had to *sit*. Oh my dear how you have scurried round in the middle of your marriages & trippings & goodbyings. making time to look after the affairs of this old me, you are good and influencial too. I knew they say Dr Sedgewick is hard as an eel to lay hold on so buisy & to think you caught him put my stuff under his eye & wound him round your finger is a marvelous feat.   *Of course* I'd give him free hand in editing I think its ripping of him to do it. And of course a hundred times I think you are more'n grand in caring about having a try with McMillan's whether they do or whether they don't doesn't hit me near so hard as how kind all you people are in being interested, & I am *honestly pleased* that the stories make an appeal to you and the others that does tickle me because I've been so keen & interested in making them live & my equipment of education seemed so inadequate. & you have helped me so very much to see the smug sentimentality that I want to chuck out of writing so much. You threw a new slant that I could not see before. Bless you I am a lucky one to have such good freinds. & of course I am awfully pleased to have a man like Dr Sedgewick find anything in them. I have long hoped for a visit from him he wrote long agoe that he was coming when he came over to Victoria.   I want to hurry this off to catch that mail boat (Ausonia) I wrote you last night and Louise is just going out. I was up 5 hours today and *really do* feel better today. All the filthy dope is telling at last. Content is Castor Oil keyenne pepper & Quinine & Winter green (thats my disecting of the concoction) however most Doctors would have hospitaled me & exrayed, which to my mind they overdo these days.    I feel if Mrs Chappell is going to do all that typing it must be on a buisness basis it is her work and she evidently has no joke meeting ends. She is coming out Tuesday & I must talk to her. I hope Margaret will cme over next week too. but I know how buisy she is.   Blessings my dear on all your trip and safety & happiness. Don't be too disapointed if McMillans lay me flat even *wonderful* works I have know like Fred Hausser's Whitman get flattened so why *should* they take tinkles like mine?   ever yours  M Emily. [Postmark]   VICTORA B. C.   MAY 22   1937   11 PM      Miss Ruth Humhries   (Passenger)   The Ausonia   Cunard Dock   Montreal   Canada


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