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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Winfield & Okanagan Centre Irrigation District, March… Trustees of the Winfield and Okanagan Centre Irrigation District Mar 3, 1931

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 "■ Minutes of the ^nnuaJCjeneral Meeting of th© win^Old al0L^ Okanagan
Centre Irrigation District, held in the winfleld community Hall
at winfleld, Tuesday, March }rd.  1 y)f at o o'clock p*tf*
1|§ Mr. J* i. Seaton, Chairman of the Trust©©©, called th© meeting to
j- .      order and aaked for nomination© for chairman for the Meeting*
Vowed by .Mr. Goldie , |gg
Seconded by UXm  Bead, That Mr. J.B* seaton be chairman,
£V   The secretary re d the minutes of th© special General Meeting of
^   Sept©mb©r 2«.nd 1>JC, and it wa©,
loved by Mr. w* J* Co©,
Seconded by Mr* I* c. Shank©, That th©©© minute© be adopted a© read.
Gopit© of the Financial statement for the year end©d 15th February
wbto  di&tribut©d to those present* The Chairman explained that this
statem©mt had b^en audited by Mr. C. If. Jackson, C.A.
Some que©tlon© ware asked about various point© in the financial
©tatoment, and answered by th© chairman and the Secretary, and it
was -
Seconded by Mr. v* B* MoDonagh, That the Auditor's report and the
ylnamolal statement be adopted,-
Tha Chairman then announced that there were two vaeamole© on th©
Board of Trust©©© to b© filled at this meeting, and called for
nomination© for a Trustee for a three year term, to ©uoeed Mr.
J.  . \berdeen, who©© tera ha© expired.
Mr* Aberde©n wa© nominated by Mr* shanks, but expressed hi© dealre
to withdraw, and Mr. Shanks ©on©©nting, thl© wa© done.
Mr. w* Head aa© nominated by Mr. A* Smith,
Mr* V* B. MoDonagh, wa© nomlndtod by Mr* J* w* Arnold,
Several othor name© were proposed but the parti©© refused to ©tand
for nomination.
It was moved by Mr* Shanks,
•Seconded by Mr* Aberdeen,  That nominations close - carried*
The Chairman, with the consent of the meeting, naked Mr. JT* Co©
and to act as Scrutineer©, and ballots were distributed
mo viios* exit i% xea *© vot$#
Th© Scrutineers having ©ountod the ballots, the Chairman declared
that Mr, §f* Read wa© elected a© Trust©© for a thro© year term*
The Chairman then called for nomination© for a Trust©© for a term
;ed by Mr. Ab©rd©©n, ;
?hat nominations clo©©.    Carrl©d«


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