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Advertisement for the Washington Nursery Company, 1910 Washington Nursery Company 1910

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6 Million Fruit Trees
3 Million Seedlings
50,000 Shade Trees
THE ABOVE SIGN is in the center of an eighty acre
field adjoining Toppenish, which field is set solidly to
apple grafts. Adjoining this on the north, also across the
Northern Pacific Railway south of it, are other fields totaling
475 acres, all of which constitute our enormous plant for 1910.
CLThis sign is seen just west of Toppenish from the north
windows of all Northern Pacific trains. It tells its own tale
and it's true. C,We welcome visitors. We have a large fine
plant, and we're proud of it. We think we can show you
something of interest. CL Order, system and good service to
our customers are our constant aim. There is nothing we
so highly appreciate as a satisfied  customer.
Drop us a line stating your wants
Washington Nursery Company
Salesmen Everywhere.   More Wanted
Toppenish, Washington 
And here is the kind of testimonials they bring forth:
L. E. Van Horn, Davenport, Washington,
October 8, 1909: "The order of apple trees
received from you last spring has done excellently. I have from two to three-foot growths,
net irrigated."
C. W. Singleterry, Kettle Falls, Washington, October 17, 1909: "J. H. Magee was at
my place today. He has planted a good many
trees, and after looking over my trees said he
never saw the equal. Out of all the trees I
planted I lost just one tree."
W. H. Reader, Roosevelt, Washington, March
31, 1910: "They were just what I wanted, and
I could not have been better satisfied if I had
been there and selected them myself."
Frank E. Brown, Council, Idaho, December
30, 1909: "My order of Delicious received
were the best I have ever seen. Keep your
eyes on Council Valley."
R. A. Hopkins, of the Cassill Investment
Company, Spokane, Washington, November 11,
1909: "Your shipment of over 12,000 trees
received in fine condition. In all that great
number of trees I found but one of doubtful
quality, and I think it will grow. I examined
every single tree and must congratulate you
on  the appearance and quality of your trees."
George L. Jennings, Eugene, Oregon, November 14, 1909: "I wish to congratulate you on
your stock. It is certainly the finest I ever
S. W. Heppner, Hood River, Oregon,
November 19, 1909: "I went over and saw
Mr. Snyder, my Lyle customer. You just
ought to have heard him give you a boost.
I as!:ed hirr if everything was all satisfactory,
'Wliy, Sam W. Heppner, don't you know that
the Washington Nursery is the best in the
United States? Satisfied! I should say I am,
and tell your company that I hold them in the
highest respect.' "
A. M. Simpson, Renton, Washington, November 26, 1909: "Those were a fine lot of trees
you sent me.    Customers are well pleased."
Mrs. C. E. Gaylord, Halfway, Oregon,
December 1, 1909: "The 100 cherry trees we
got from you were fine, and at least a dozen
people have asked where we got them."
Charles Gray, Wyeth, Oregon, November 30,
1909: "I never saw finer trees than your
trees,   and   every   one   praises   them   that   sees
J. M. Pinkerton, Wolf Creek, Oregon, January 13, 1909: "The stock was A No. 1, and I
consider it the best that has ever entered this
little valley."
Dwight S. Anderson, Wapato, Washington,
October 22, 1909: "I visited your place several weeks ago, and Mr. McDonald showed me
your stock. After examining the trees of
practically every nursery in the valley, I have
decided to buy of you."
Andrew Snell, Tacoma, Washington, December 13, 1909: "The trees you shipped here
were fine trees with splendid roots."
Curtis Long, Plateau, Washington, May 18,
1910: "1 feel that 1 should thank you tor the
honesty and kind treatment in our little deal.
Those thirty-five trees are all doing fine, and
will say that I feel very grateful to you people, as you have done more than I expected
you to do."
P. Kriedel & Co., Ellensburg, Washington,
May 3, 1910: "The shipment of trees received
from you arrived here in splendid condition.
The quality and grade were such that we
desire to recommend your house to all intending purchasers of trees. Trusting that we
shall have occasion to renew our pleasant business relations next season."
Mabton Orchards Company, Mabton, Washington, May 8, 1910: "The last order of trees
we bought from you for our tracts are doing
nicely. Almost all lived, although it was a
little late befare we got water on the land.
The company wishes to thank you for your
prompt and courteous treatment and the excellent stock of young trees. Any future business we have is yours.
"C. B. Alexander, Secretary."
S. W. Heppner, Hood River, Oregon,
November 5, 1909: "You ought to be here
and hear the praise you are getting."
There are many more similar letters in. our files.
We might fill "Better Fruit" from cover to cover and  not say half as much.
A satisfied customer is our best advertisement. We always try to please—first with the best stock that money can
buy or skill produce, and last with a square deal on every issue.
Our stock is grown on the Yakima Indian Reservation on the best of soil. It's new, fertile and free from tree
diseases.    Our trees are clean, hardy, well rooted, and are fully matured before digging.
Our 19l0 plant contains nearly seven million grafted and budded trees, besides all our peach, apple, pear, cherry and
other seedlings, vines, shrubbery, ornamental stock, etc.
We have at this date (June 20, 1910) orders already booked for nearly two million fruit trees.
We can serve you this year better than ever.
Agents everywhere—More wanted


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