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Letter from George Goldie to James Goldie, May 18, 1909 Goldie, George May 18, 1909

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 St/% Ft Flour
The Goldie Milling Co.limited
Ayr.Ontar i o, Canada.
Liay 18th,1S09*
Jas. Goldie, Ssy,.
rentleton, B.C.,
Dear Jim:-
Yours to -Jack received to-day and I
enclose you herewith statement of your account to
date, showing a balance against you of |$26*  This
will be }v,ore  than wiped out bj/ your dividend this
year unless some calamity overtakes us and what
this could be, we cannot imagine for we are now
sailing pretty close to the wind.  Our total stocks
would not amount to more than 3000 barrels of STAR
flour unsold and possibly 5000 bushels of Ilanitoha
We had your letters of March Ipth, April
6th and 14th.  I also saw your letter to Mother today.
Business in actual sales is very  quiet and
we really do not expect that there will be any
$risk demand between now and the first of August.
Taking last year as a basis, we have enough flour in
the mill, in the shape of ^lour and wheat, to ship us
much as we did last year but if there is a demand for
more than this quantity, it is hard to say where
can get it.  Our bulk of Ontario wheat is now at
Ayr and we were compelled just the other day to
purchase three carloads of Ontario wheat on the G.T.R.
so ^that 5 alt would have a sufficient supply to take
care of their loc^l trade.  For this we %mk  to way
$£•25 &n<3 this is the price at which Ontari    at
is changing hands but in Yerir  small quantities.  It
certainly looks dangerous stuff to handle at this
figure, although without a doubt we are in for
another year of very high prices and I think that |1.
in December next, will be very cheap.
The winter wheat crop in the U.S. is short
without a doubt.  The spring wheat crop in the Northwest
both U.S. tmfi   Canadian is very^ late in seeding and unless
we have a Yery  forcing summer/ it is bound to be
carried into the frost time.  Ontario ms very much farther
behind than the northwest.  In some sections of Ontario J • Gr. -2'-*   Ju
J& fa
ther e  is no spring seed put in at all.  All <*^pifeii^ clay
and flat* ill Kent and Essex^and is impossible to work.
Around Here, the seed is pretty well in and everything
looks fairly favorable, provided we have a change to
warm growing weather.  The spring has been very bad so
far with a great quantity of rain and cold weather,
mixed with thunder storms and the whole season seems to
be upset.  Up to the first of Hay, we had a net increase
in shipments of flour of 44,000 barrels, half to the
maritime provinces and half for export.
Either Jack or I intend to go -to Chicago
on the 2bth. 2?th qn& 28th of this mon^h to attend*the
National Federation of Millers Convention.
Hothing new of special interest around
here.  All well.
Yours truly,
1 Enc.


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