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Letter from George Goldie to Jas. [James]Goldie, June 11, 1909 Goldie, George Jun 11, 1909

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 Star Flour
The Goldie Milling
Ayr, Ontario, Canada.
Jas.   Soldie,   Esq,
Pentieton,  B.C.
Dear Sir:-
June 11th,1909-
I am in receipt of yours of the Jlst of May and
carefully note contents.
In the first place, I wish to advise you that
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Elliott will leave here about the first
of July for a trip to Vancouver, Victoria and possibly
Seattle.  They will go via the Crows' iJest and stop with
Scott for a few days and they want to see you if possible.
If you reply immediately by return of mail*, your answer
will have time to reach here before they will leave.  I
want to know If It is possible for them to traveJ from
Eholt to Pentieton without going around by Arrow Head,
Revel Jtookfand Saeamous.  I understand that there Is a
railroad running from Midway to Kerens.  Is there any
connection between this latter place and Pentieton?  If
there Is a decent stage running, they would go that way.
At the present time their plans are to leave here on the
first of July, reaching Eholt on Saturday the 10th and
would arrive in Pentieton on Saturday the- 17th if they
can go via Midway.
We have entered into a contract for advertising
in the provinces and instead of having blank cuts and the
type matter set up, we are having all inside the four lines
of the add in the one cut, the display and the type as
well.  This will cost more money but it will be a much
better job.  We have also taken a space In the Montreal
Weekly Star and Family Herald, which has a larger
circulation in the provinces than any of the local papers
j.  Wg have ] some business arising out of this add.
We enclose you a copy of it.  Just as soon as our new.
.^contract gets into operation, we will send you a copy of
%ach cut.  Out total appropriation for the year for
newspaper advertising, will amount to $2500.
We have had a very  late and backward spring.  The
spring crops to-day look about the 84th to 27th of May but
the wheat is much further advanced.  Still it is somewhat
late and is only now beginning to show signs of heading out,
Clover hay is very  good but both it and wheat have been
growing very rank ~and I should not be snrprisecL-to see
considerable of it lodged if we have any hasrey storms. 7.G. -2-
The crop of wheat on all of the high and gravelly land is
going to be all right but on the low land and clay it is
very poor and^take it all round, we won't have any more
than 73$  of-t^a crop,  luckily,around but  three mills,
the crops are good.  You will notice in the papers from
time to time that the markets still continue very
crazy/ July wheat in Winnipeg to-day is over $1.34 and
October wheat over $1.09• ^e have not been buying any
cash wheat for sometime and oiir stocks are now lower than
we have seen them in many years and we propose to let them
run down to the vanishing point.  We have Yery  few sales
left to ship and not more than 1800 or 2000 barrels of
flour to sell.  However, we have bought a few thousand
of July and October option in Winnipeg which are showing
us a Yery  good profit at present.  We had to-day an
enquiry from Hew York for new crop prices but we did not
offer.  Both Highgate and Salt are shut down with Gait
busy putting up the hew house between the Office and the
mill.  This is going to be a great improvement and will
assist us materially in our local trade at that point.
There is nothing new in the section and all
are well.
Yours truly,


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