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Letter from Dick Smith to Pat [Goldie] June 10, 1911 Smith, Dick Jun 10, 1911

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 Juno If 1911.
Dear Pat:-
With reference t®  the fruit farm proposition I was
speaking to you about, would you be good enough, if it is not too
much trouble to you to get your brother1s opinion on the question*
The main facts of the case are as follows:
The property is situated in the Glenmore Valley about
three miles from the town of Kelowna. Area 10 acres. §350.00
per acre, I believe the price is that high on aacount of being
situated close to the town. There is an irrigation system in
connection in running order, controlled by a company, and you get
your water on certain days at so much per acre per annum.
The property was planted this spring with apple trees spaced
30 feet apart, I am unable at present to tell you what special
varieties are planted.
The agreement I have with the company at present is to fence
plough and plant the trees and look after the property for #50.00
per acre for this year, and also to take care of it for the next
three years for §20.00 per acre per annum.
At present, I have given them only $800.00
What I should like to know aspeeially is if it is a paying
investment when run under the present system with a view to selling
when the trees are bearing. If it is not I will simply let the
$800.00 go to the devil rather than send good money after bad.
As I expect to get another couple of hundred touch pretty soon
you would be doing me a great favour old man if you could give me
a line on the question pretty soon.
\)jdJlUJr£~^^^ ^S
V\. . CVwa- k-e^AU-A^ , VL4>
... ■.
%   Uj^. ^
• •;• ., %„
.€!><,. t ,JLk-4-4
^l "


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