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Business Letter to James Goldie from The Goldie Milling Company Limited, December 29, 1909 The Goldie Milling Company Limited Dec 29, 1909

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 Star Flour
The Goldie Milling
Ayr, Ontario, can ada.
Dee. ?,cth,l$i09.
Janes  fToldie ,   $941.
Dear  JIb:*
Yours of the 19th addressed to Jack is received
and note contents*
We are wiring you to-day that we will protect
your draft for $^500 which you will' require next month.  This
will he charged up to you at whatever rate of interest we are
paying: the Sank, which at the present time is 5*
Regarding Coal Stock, we are holding and think that
while the price may not do much good for a year or so, it
will eventually he worth consider more money and we cannot
Bee anything else to invest the moniy in to-day that would
give a reasonable rate of interest and at the same time show
a chance of regaining the loss.
Business of course is ver-y  dull at this time of the
year hut on making up our total shipments to the end of
November, we find that we are only 800 barrels short of last
year, which we consider la fairly satisfactory*  The month of
.December will show a decrease from last year hut stocks are
not very heavy in the provinces and we look for a better trade
through the winter and possibly a steady trade right through
the ^ear  to next crop, owing to the fact that buyers will
not stock up so heauy rs they did last year*
"7e have sent Clark Is Lee a cheque for 09• M requested,
A a  do not get out a statement till the end of
January, which is the half year and we will send you a copy.
The new addition at Gait is going to prove food for the
business there* T7e have a vei^y complete chopping plant now
for both crimping and grinding grain at both Ayr and Gait and
we find that the crimper is an excellent thing for drawing
business.  The feed market is going to be good here all
winter, as the farmers generally are short of coarse grains.
We have purchased and sold this fall more oats for local
use than we have done in any one year. The farmers in this
section are practically all buying oats to some extent frorp
50 bushels up to 800 for delivery throughout the winter and as T 1*
far ahead as May.  ftf have purchased a quantity of both Hay
Oats and Corn at reasonably low prices, which will take care of
our requirements throughout the winter*
Yours truly,


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