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Letter from J. E. [John Edgar] McAllister to Mr. [James] Goldie, January 12, 1915 McAllister, John Edgar Jan 12, 1915

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January 12th,  1915,
Jas. Goldie Esq,
Okanagan Centre, B.C.
My dear Mr. Goldie:
I have been waiting until the turn of the year before writing you in
reply to,your letter of December 5th, as I hoped events might so shape themselves
that I could outline some policy regarding the working of the Ranch.   On this
however, I find myself no nearer reaching a conclusion.
I wrote you on December 12th, as soon as I received this letter, in re*
gard to the taxes, and subsequently received yours of the 17th.   My request for
a quick reply wap for the purpose of knowing whether sufficient inducement was
offered by discount to clear up the taxes before the end of the year.   On receiving your reply stating that the discount was but $11.06, I decided the difficulty in making the payment was too great for the amount to be gained.
An enclosure has just come to-day from you, consisting of the printed reports of Coldstream Municipality, from which I gather that the enormous iicrease in
taxes is due to the fact they have changed their method of taxation, placing it all
on the land, and as Bellevue contains a lot of land which is not being worked, I
gather this is the reason they have piled the taxes on. I suppose the time never
will come that there will be any indications in the Valley favorable to the investor
The statements enclosed with yours of December 5th, are perfectly clear so
far as they go, but I cannot deduce from them the net amount that Bellevue has gone
behind from March 1st to November 30th, 1914.   From the voucher record, I gather
that the total expenditure has been $1,274.97 from March 1st to November 30th, this
not including taxes for 1914, amounting to $255«96, but I can find nothing in the
statements showing the gross amount that the Ranch has brought in.    The difference between these would constitute the amount of money I have to find in order to
keep the place going, and if you can give me a brief statement embodying these
items, it would be of great help.    From our experience it would seem that farming in the Okanagan is a losing game.
Regarding unpaid vouchers, I note the amount of $921.73> but cannot get
from your letter what there will be coming in against this.   The Ranch has a credit
of $500., which can be utilized at the Canadian Bank of Commerce in Vernon, and you
may draw upon this in order to meet such demands as it is impossible to keep standing over any longer.
Since last writing you I have been informed by Messrs Billings & Cochrane
that they have collected $40. more from C.A.Thomas, and have deposited from the same
$35»70 to the credit of Bellevue Ranch with the Bank of Commerce, the balance being
made up of exchange on two checks 30$£, and their commission for collection $4.00.
Will you please incorporate this in the Ranch books, crediting the Thomas account
with $40.   This, I take it, will bring the indebtedness of C.A.Thomas down to $246.
Please let me know if this is correct. ""/St/
I have your letter of December 23rd, containing offer of Freeman ft Williams
to prune the Bellevue orchard for $150.    If you feel that it is impossible to
have Evans, with the Japs, do this work before the close of the winter, and also o o
Jas. Goldie Esq, - 2 - 12/1/15.
consider it a necessity in order to keep the place in shape for sale, you had
better arrange to have Williams do the priming.    I do not know how long
this would take, but surely you could arrange to have it done by Rainbow labor
for less than Williams1 figure, and I gather that with Evans handling it, it
would be better done.
You say you see no chance of the place being sold in the near future.
Do you think that a price of $35t000. for it would bring a quick sale?
Thing* are so bad with me at this time, that I would be willing to do anything
to relieve the pressure.     I wish the first time you are in Vernon you
would have a talk with Shearer about this and let me know what he says.
If you will write me giving the information of what the actual receipts from the Ranch are, and what the minimum outgoings would be to hold it
going during the coming year, I will go into it, and hope by that time to let
you know definitely what I can do.
I will write you in regard to Rainbow in a few days.
Yours very truly,
^*nO 4*jJL 6-y**    ^"^ ebvfSA?


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