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Letter from J.E. McAllister to James Goldie, September 7, 1912 McAllister, John Edgar Sep 7, 1912

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Toronto September 7th, 1912.
James Goldie Esq,
Okanagan Centre, B.C.
Dear Jim,-
I have yours of August 23rd, enclosing letter from E.Henderson to you
dated August 21st, re land of the old roadway being included in Bellevue Ranch.
I also have your letter of August 29th, enclosing copy of letter from
the Manager of Bank of Commerce, Vernon, to you dated August 37th, and your reply
of the 29th.
I have Just seen M*. Ireland, the Superintendent of Branches of the Bank
of Commerce, and have left with him copies of the two letters referred to above.
The trouble appears to be with Maurice, the Superintendent at Vancouver, and they
seem to be averse here to giving him absolute instructions.  I presume the idea
of this in a general way is that they dA not want to do anything to shift his
responsibility to themselves.  Mr. Ireland however has agreed that we should have
a credit of #10,000. at 6$, carried in the following manner;- Our individual
endorsation for our proportionate part of the liability is to be given, and to
this I see no objection, in fact I would rather have it that way.
As we require money, you will issue demand notes ifc denominations of say f 1,000.,
these notes being serially numbered.     Interest on the notes is to be computed
at 6$, and charged against Rainbow Ranche Account monthly.
At any time, when you have available cash, you can take one or more of
the notes up, and then should you wish to use the money later, will issue other
Mr.Ireland has promised to write to-day to the Superintendent at Vancouver
in accordance with the above, as I told him you were anxious to get the matter settled with the least possible delay,
^Z2 Yours very truly, 15   KING   STREET   WEST
Toronto September 7th,  1912.
P E R S 0 I A L.
James Goldie Esq,
Okanagan Bentre, B.f.
Dear Jim,-
I write you herewith the result of en  interview with Mr.Ireland to-day.
It might be well for you to show %tei« letter to Mr.Corbett, but I hope before you
receive this, you will have been able to make satisfactory arrangements.   If I
could see Maurice for five minutes, I am sure the matter could be fixed at once, but
if they wont do it now, let me know immediately, and I will go to Mr.Laird, give him
the circumstances, and probably remove my personal business from the Batik.   I have
no patience with the Departments of an Institution working against the whole.
I enclose Jwo prints of photographs taken while I was last in the West.
If you would like any more of these, please let me know.
I have received your letter of the 31st ult, enclosing Bellevue statement,
for which I thank you.  As soon as I get my next instalment from the West, I will
send money for the Bellevue account, which will probably be within two weeks.
I note the Rainbow RancheArecord, and also our total liability there.
I wonder where we are going to get off with this?   It looks to me unless we retrench
materially, that your #10,000. credit is not going to be enough, and I had hoped we
would not have to use more than ^8,000. of it.    Let me know what you think of
With best wishes,
Yours very truly,


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