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Letter from James Goldie to J.E. McAllister, January 26, 1930 Goldie, James Jan 26, 1930

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 J^n  2©th. 1930.
Dear Mr. McAllister,
At the time I received your letter of the ISth#
Daa. Iput mtt  answering it until 1 had some definite information
to give you as to prices.     Sven now we have nothing definite,
but the market has held fairly well and the nuess aa to returns
should not be far out of the way.
I am enclesing a cheque for Two Thousand Dollars.  This you will
notice is flpatafl the Ilth, but I found if necessary to hold them up
until further payment from  the Union.
Up to date the Union have advanced us $37,145. besides seme
supplies.  #o new have cash in the Bank sufficient t© pay off out
standing accounts.    Aa the cash comes in 1 will forward cheques to
you.       The Union have sent out Account sales for the Macs, shipped
in the firat tan days and it is expected that the final pool will be
out in about a weeka time.  The fttat pool averaged us about $1.85.
for the packed bc^.
I got back from my holiday on Daa. I£th to find everything in
order.   The g&rg Md been prunning all the time 1 wa.s away.
At the en<^  of Deo. m®r®  ground had been covered than usual, but
since Jan.1st. there has been n®  v/ork done an account of the sold
weather.   fe have had a long spell of close to Zero weather, and
still no sign c^ a break.    In Dee. There was a good fall at snow.
About Christmas day a lot of it went away , but I think there was
enough left on the orchard to protect us from front injury.
fe enjoyed the holiday very much indeed.  Had about ten days
on the boat and ten days in California, most of the time in the deserts,
1 did however learn some things about Orange growing and marketing.
The Income Tax man is again after me, going ba®k as far as 1923.
and taking ap all kinds of questions and wanting a lot of figures
that I hardly knei haw to handle. He is after the Expenses of Dire*ten
charged to     -listration, and advances to Shareholders,  and some of
hla questions fill bring up the Capital charges which were made by
tho Onion and Associated ,and by us charged to working cost with the
i<toa of showing them aa earnings when we realize on  them.  During
the period under discussion we have had three firms Audit our books.
In order to gat this btisiness straightened out 1 am figuring on going
down to Vancouver next 1'onday.
The B.C.F.G.A. oonrention is to be held in y%knc®\w#r  next week
and I expect to be there to^J^Kish way the wind is blowing as to this
years marketing .   There are so rnany-Chain stores and Jobbers coming
in to the Valley this Season thatnSoard ofi Dlrootion will have a hard
time holding things down.     If there is a lar^e crop of Apples
in the Valley it will be difficult to get a reasonable price far them
unless there is a bi^ ehange In our  present arrangements.
As to Capital expenditure for this year.  I have just purchased ^ w      t • )
Jan 20th.   1930.
a new Bean Spray outfit the same as we purehased last year, for )964#
This will give us three fairly good machines, which should handle the
Oodlin Moth Spray. Last year was   the first  time  for us  to  find
the moth  in'our orchard,  and  it     s  up ta us  to  go  after it.       Some ©f
our neighbors  Is  tho  tfinfield direction last as r:uch as  60^ of th&ir . •
crop even with some  spraying. Besides   the Spray machine   I
am now figuring on $  Cover onp Disk   ,  a  Subsoiler and i machine  to
run irrigation  furrows,     also  some metal  flume  to  carry water to   the
17 acre  block. All  of  these  items  will  run close   to  $3000.   in all.
If  I  decide  that  these  are   to  be necessary :?*er this  year I  would like'
to have  them charged against  the 1929 crop to hold down our book profit,
as  the shanc >s  aro   that  it  want be  hard,  to hide  the  profit made  In 1930.
Our  local   Irrigation questions have  again aaaa up  for discussion,
the  A'ater Comptroller has  definitly stated   that  the  Early Reeerdo must
receive  their full amount of water  . Under the original  conditions
they got  their water out of Duck'Lake,  but since   the dam was  built on
the Head  ffatoro ta store  water -"or our use,DuokLake seldom fills up.
The Comptroller now orders  the  Water Users under the Company System
to see  that  the   first  records  are protected  by turning water into Duck
Lake Creek. This   question has  been up often before  b\it  in the  past
it has  been  the   fa tor Co.   that  waa  altered   to   ra^^   the  water down and  the
they have managed  to  get by with only partly ©having  the order.
To  supply this  water it  will  be necessary te  baJo a  large  flume or ditch
This  will  cost money. It  is now proposed  that  tho Users  under  the
Company. 3 yat era  forrn  themselves  into  what  is  ealled*?/ater Improvement
District,   with powers   to  collect  taxes  and   if  they wish tatfeaka  over the
Irrigation System. I  am helping this along,  as  it  is  only by. having
a District  that we are sure of our water supply. At  the  present  time
if any of  the  prior record holders,  even those under the Company System ,
were  to appeal  to   the   .Vater Comptroller,   when water is  short,   our water
could  be  shut aff« Last  Season  I made a.  trip to  Okanogan
Washington to  leek l&tirthe .pumping question.     frea  what  I  could learn
it  is very doulitful   ifAmafceot a  commercial  proposition.     As  soon as   the
snow goes  I  intend having a  surveyor run a   few levels,   so   that  we may
have  some  definite  figures   to   work on.       kfaat of  the orchard must be at
least   four hundred   *eat above okanagan Lake and  the  top of the Hogs  Back
I   think  would  bo  about  five hundred   feet. To  pump water tc   this  leraL
by pia or oil engines would cost a lot. in Capital expenditure. It might
be shown that it was a good proposition ^v^n if it were only used in dry
years. If you can  pick up any  information  in regard  to   this
question  please  do  so  nnd let me have   it#
Yours  sincerely,
James pojldie.


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