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Letter from James Goldie to J.E. McAllister, July 1, 1928 Goldie, James Jul 1, 1928

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 o o
.    July 1 st.  1928.
J.S.McAllister Ssq.
|8 Toronto Street
Toronto, Ont.
Dear Mr.  McAllister;/
I last wrote on the  10 th. and have no wor^  from you^
or Dormer since then.'
I#ast night I wired you in regard to  plans for extension
to Packing House, and this morning havfe|i^ your reply approving.
Last year we had a good deal of difficulty in handling
the crop*  even with a good movement of fruit and our neighbors  with
a light crop.       This year the movement is bound to be slower,we have
more fruit and. our other shippers are going to have a big increase.
It will be necessary for us  to have more room for packed fruit and
1 have not been able to secure  this from the other warehouses so  it
seems up to us  to provide this.      The  right thing no doubt for us  to
do  is to pit up a frost proof storage on the track,  but  I cannot see
how we can manage that at  the present time.     If we e ver ship privately
we will have to do  this.
I plan to double the size of the floor space of the East
end of the packing house.    Taking down the present shed,  which we can
do without loading lumber,and  replacing it with a building  the same
width as the cenfeer portion,50 feet, and 64 feet jk^jk long.
This will give us a building I39feet long by 50 feet wide and the shed
on the feat end 50 by 30. A total of 8450 square feet.
1  plan using shiplap, and making  the foundation so that
it can be  closed up in cold weather.     In a pinch we could make it tight
enough to stand a little frost.
la have  got Teddy Hare  to get out  plans and the bill of
lumber and we will have him put it up using our own men on the  job.
He estimates  the cost about $1600.
The old building will be moved over to  where the Tractor
house now stands.       It will be used to house  the spray out-fitsgtractor*
lighting plant and work shop.       The present tractor house will be used
to  store gas and oil  etc.most of which is now kept outside.
With this  expenditure we  should really not disburse any
more cash at  this  time.
This  week will see most of the thinning done,    fhe drop
cut down the Mae,  estimate considerably.     The Jonathan set very heavy.
At  the  present  time my guess  is  for something between 50,000 and60,000
The Jonathan will make up a large part of this  increase•
The fruit  is  siting earlier than last  year,and so far is
fairly clean,  except that  the Macs, have more Pansy spot than they
have had  for years*. There has been much more  rain than usual.
Yours  truly,
ft copy to  FUS.Doraerff


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