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Letter from James Goldie to J.E. [John Edgar] McAllister and R.S. [Robert Stanhope] Dormer, April 22,… Goldie, James Apr 22, 1931

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April  22nd.     1931.
7-e^r  :-!rs   t-
I   last  reported   to   fmm -arch 22nd. And have had
Br«  **olllitftar■ s  letter of tho  Sad gf    .April.
I  an enclosing a  statement  of comparative   expenditure
•ror  the   three  years  192V9«~dO.   crops,     and   the  CO sit  per box of
irrapp#di applaa  e^cludln^: the Capital  an^  extraordinary expenditure
in aaoh  year. These   fig&raa are  included  in previous
atata*aa&ta but a^e intarastin#   for nomparison.
Ve  are  also   senlin^   the  auditor"   Balance  Sheet*
You will   fin   1   that   thara ov*e   -: "ne?"once-3   In certain data 11a
hut   tha   totals  agree   with   the  fi^xira^  contained, in my statements.
You/  will  notice  that   |10,000.   has  been  set  up as  a
id. i  mm not  clear as   to   63 e meaning of   fchia  and  writing
the  Auditor. At   the  tine  af  the  audit   it   was  considered
adviaeable  to  leave  out   the  dividends  untj]   ab  decided aa   la our action
in  r&ig&TA  la   reorganization.
In making up Income  tax  returns   Par tha  1980  period,
which  is  covered   by our Salonee  7-or-t   $f  reh.2Bth  1030)   there   will
be  no  dividend  a bo an. As   this   jpaaro   Balance   sheet   will  not
he  reported  to  tha   "o^ Da part man t  thia  tlma year we can adj
adjust   the  question af  the  divi land  at$a*n  on   this   y. i   3   statement
7b a  3 b a r • h d 1 ! ara  aa uld  n o t  h aira  f o  re no rt a n i n c o si e  f ro y dl i v i 3 • n J a
in  1930,   but  tha  fai   department  will   likely aaaaaa  on  tie amount of
increase  in  the   Shareholders  advances. This   won  done  in ny case
in 192^ t   when advnnoe^   -;ere  made on1   tho  dHyidand  not   .leclarel
until   r:eb.   1929,
fba amount owing to   the  Park aa  at ? arch   1st.   was  $13,000.
Today this mimnAn at  |9f5(K5f  and   ;;iii  likely bo  furtltar reduced by
three or  four  thousand,   or possibly more  if  the  account   sales  come   in
soon. Out Caah atata«mtyaant yon March 2£nd,ahows  that ±-€i
everything  were cleaned  up and   the   inventory did  not   change  ye   tould
owe  the  bank  about   |9B$3.   on "-arch   lai. Tho   Bank has  been advised
o F our  position  an1   H^re  sa&»a  no   doubt  about   patting  necessary
credit. if  we  should   run  into  another  ftmr such  as   last
there  will  surely be  trouble. Another bad  neason  alll  close  out
i  lot o^ orchard*  in tha Vallay.
Aooountu   payable   include   |33S0.   ""or  bor  shook.   This   is
s t i Id.   an pa 14.
•'vlvance--   to   Iha^ehol^eri  have  been  reduce:"1   by the  amount
on the |10#000.   Di^idand.
I   think  that my statements  ani  raport  cover all  otber)i
in   ^ormin^ a   policy  por this   years  operation  it   la   ciU^^^^^ 0
to   know   :?hat   to  do.. ?he   rate  on   m |i s    trill   be   lower,   and  no  doubt
aa   alii   nana^e   fen  cut   tha  amount  of labor  use'!,    fa mat  however try-
to  k:aar  tho  orchard   ?ro\m goi&g  bock,   this  n*aans  cultivation an.^
irrigation. *he   patar conditions ore looking heo1 at  tha  present
time anfl   ~?e  ran  not  hope   to  let  no very much  on   tho  cultivation on
thla  account. Until   tte are  aura   that   tha appla  market   is   ^oing
to   ho very ba 1  wo  ou^ht   to  keep up  the  spraying on1   thining.
The  oniT* hope   that 'one has   is   to   produce   the  largest llbla   tonnage
on high ;ra4e  fmtt at  the  least  po as ibl a  price,   -oid   take  chances
that  tha ""T^ri<et  will  pay 9  price  foy  it.
The  orchard  ia  not   y#t   in  biossow but  tha  showing looks
ft vo ra bl a   fa r a   'ns i r! f  $ 3 i d   a ro p
Yours  truly,
To <•''    '        ' "~    -
Saq , Tomato ,0»t
r Xa q. He ?bury^ ;£n •**. C01T  P3F.     BOX     07     fFAPT^D APPL33   k     31 TH     TOTAL     3XPSSS]
'acklm* Material
Packing house Labor
Shipping i  Loading
Picking I Orchard teaming
Orchard material  t-   Labor
Sxtraord tna ry £xp*mditun.
Sitae tor & Disc.
Engines box  trucks  JStc
Dominion Tax
341. ttt£g
1929 0F0?
Total  57,290
ToUl     *   Box
expanse• Cost
* • « * *
* *.
976*.30 £3.63
5353.79 13.£9
1003.54 t.4|
4995.32 8.72
6052.76 10.5?
14361.39 £5.06
4 2156,60 '33.73
$ 47473,64
Kqxii pm«nt
Dominion "ax
_hkd debts
1029 CBOF
TbUl   52.679
Wwib. 52.4«I
Total     .   Box
Io.522.7S 25.01
5367.95 23.42
1323.9^ 2.54
4843.20 9.18
5564.19 10.49
13063.44 24.79
1930 CROP
Total 45,682
Trap. 28.331
total   .,   .Box
ilxpense. Cost
•#*•»*•• ♦ . «  .
7031.13 22.92
4463.97 14.25
1156.11 2.70
4131.08  9.15
6334.31 14.15
14169.87 3X66
40675.57    8«.43 3733e«3?     94.S3
I66I.S4 Orchard  bo*e:;      36-3.95
i.r;Uipaient 725.23
Director iixp. 4000.00
910.33                 OoMie  Wmmn 36EJ30
250.00 Dominion  fax 493.71
P.  4349?.-36
Fo tC  True k
Capital  CIa^.
| 43335.31
v 44960.46


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