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[Program for Vancouver's Jubilee Celebration July 1 & 2, 1887] Mathison, Robert, Jr. 1887-07

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 GOD SAVE OUR QUEEN  1837. 1887  VANCOUVER'S JUBILEE CELEBRATION  OF THE   Fiftieth Anniversary of The Reign of   Her Most Gracious Majesty  Queen Victoria  FRIDAY & SATURDAY  JULY 1st & 2nd, '87      COMMITTEES  Invitation  Mayor Maclean, D. Oppenheimer, Chairman; Thos. Dunn, Jos.  Mannion,   T.  Stephenson,   Jos.   Leamy,   R.   H.   Alexander,   Dr.  LeFevre,   Robt.   Clarke,   B.  Springer,    L. A. Hamilton, J. M. Clute, W. Powers, F. X. Martin, Dr.  Langis,  J. W. Home, A. G. Ferguson, J. Boultbee, J. J. Blake.    Athletics  C. R. T. Garrioch, J. T. Scott, A. Laing, R. G. Ferguson, A, E. Beck, J. Matteer,  H. P. McCraney, P. McCammon, John Rankin, A. Larwell, J. F.. McDonald, W.  E. Wood, J. M. Clute and Capt. Warsnop.    Music and Dancing  C. L. Cartier, A. E. Beck, D. Evans, Fred Miller, A. Sullivan.    Boating anb Sailing  Capt. H. G. Holman, A. Mowat, H. Bell Irving, Joseph Huntley, J. B. Henderson, J. Miller.    Torchlight Procession  Capt. Warsnop, H. P. McCraney, and R. C. Ferguson.    Horse Racing  Geo. Black, J. Queen, J. J. Cargill, S. Brighouse, A. Johnstone, E. E. Rand.    JUDGES  Atheletic  J. Mateer,   H. P. McCraney, J. M. Clute, R. C. Ferguson, J. J. McDonald, W.  G. Woods, A. Laing, E.E. Rand, J.T. Scott, J. Rankin, C.R.T. Garrioch.    Boating  Capt. Mellon, Capt. Webber, Capt. Soule.    Horse Racing  Wm. Ladner, M.P.P., M. Costello, John Dooley, D. Oppenheimer.  STARTER-- R. Rutherfod.    L.A. Hamilton  Hon. Treasurer.  G.G. Johnson  Hon. Secretary.    GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. PROGRAMME  FIRST DAY'S CELEBRATION  FRIDAY,   JULY   1st,   1887      Championship lacrosse match  Vancouver (Present Champions) vs. Victoria, at City Park, Cambie Street, at 9.30 a.m.    ATHLETIC SPORTS  On Water Street (starting) 9.30 a.m.  Boys' Race, 75 yards.. 1st Prize $1.50; 2nd Prize $.75  Girls' Race, 50.. 1.50; .75  Three-Legged Race.. 6.00; 3.00  Sack Race.. 4.00; 2.00    Carral Street, 10.30 a.m.  Vaulting with Pole.. 1st Prize, $6.00; 2nd Prize, $3.00  Tossing the Caber.. 5.00; 2.50  Throwing Hammer (heavy).. 5.00; 2.50  Putting the Stone.. 6.00; 3.00  Firemen's Race (in uniform).. 6.00; 4.00    GRAND STREET PARADE  11 A.M.  Marshall Geo. Black.  Aides, R.C. Ferguson and Jonathan Miller.  H.M.S. Triumph Band.  Rear Admiral Sir M. Culme-Seymour, Bart., and Officers.  Artillery and Rifles of New Westminster.  Mayor and City Council.  Caledonian and St. George's Societies, Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Ancient Order United Workmen, Good Templars and Orangemen  City Band.  City Firemen.  New Westminster and Other Firemen.  Citizens and Guests.    Water Street, 1 p.m.  100 Yards Race.. 1st Prize, $5.00; 2nd Prize, $3.00  1/2 mile race.. 7.50; 5.00  Fat man's Race.. 5.00; 2.50  Klootchman's Race.. 3.00; 2.00  1/4 Mile Race.. 6.00; 4.00    Cordova Street.  Standing Long Jump.. 1st Prize $5.00; 2nd Prize $3.00  Standing High Jump.. 5.00; 3.00  Hop, Step and Jump.. 6.00; 3.00  Running Long Jump.. 5.00; 3.00  Running High Jump.. 5.00; 3.00    All Entrance Fees, 10 per cent. of Prize Money      REGATTA  1.30 p.m.  1st Race, Half Decked Boats, under 30 feet overall, Prize $75.  Decked boats can only enter by leave of boating committee.  Course from Judges' Stand round Flag Boat near Moodyville, thence round boat near Burnaby Reef, thence passing between Judges' Stand and Flag Boat, twice around course.  Position to be determined by lot.  Boats on Port tack to give way to boats on Starboard tack.  All buoys to be kept on Port side.  Head Sails to be kept lowered till gun fires.    2nd Race, Undecked Boats, 22 feet or under, Prize $25.00.  Start as in previous race, once round same course.    Cordova Street, 3 p.m.  Hose Reel Race  In Uniform, 1st Prize, $50.00; 2nd Prize, $30.00.  To be a Scratch or on Time Race at discretion of Judges.  Race, to make connection to hydrant, lay 500 feet of hose, break and make all joints, except connection to hydrant.  Breaking and connecting to be done by four men.  Each team to consist of not more than 10 men.    3.30 p.m.  BOAT RACING  1. Four Oared Gig, Prize $75  2. Shell Race, Single Sculls, 50  3. Whitehall Boats, 2 pair Skulls, not over 22 feet, 15  4. Randan Race, 18 feet or under, 15  5. Four Oared Ships' Boats, 25  6. Flat Bottom Boats, 20 ft. or under, 10  7. Special Prize for Man of War Boats, --  No Outriggers or Sliding Seats allowed except in Single Scull Race.  Course: From Judges' Stand round Flag Boat anchored inside Deadman's Island, and return.  Buoy to be kept on Port side.  Three to enter in all cases or no race.  Walking Greased Boom -- 1st Prize $5.00.  2nd Attempt (1st winner barred), $5.00  Duck Hunt -- Prize, $5.00    CANOE RACE  Twice round Same Course as Rowing Races, except race for Klootchmen, which will be once only.  1. Eleven Indians in each Canoe, per man, $2  2. Five, 2  3. Seven, 2  4. Two Klootchmen, per Klootch, 2    GRAND TORCH LIGHT PROCESSION ON WATER AND ILLUMINATION BY FLEET.  GRAND BALL IN SKATING RINK AT 9.30    SECOND DAY    BASE BALL MATCH  Victoria Amities vs. Vancouver Metropolitans, at 10 A.M.    HORSE RACING  Granville Street, 1.30 p.m.  1. $250. Open to all, .. 1st Prize, $200; 2nd Prize, $50  Half Mile Heats, Best two in three.  2. $90. Open to Colonial-Bred Horses, .. 1st Prize, $75; 2nd Prize, $15  Half Mile Heats, Best two in three. Catch Weight.  3. $50. Open to all Horses except winners in First and Second Races, .. 1st Prize, $40; 2nd Prize, $10  4. $10. Open to Ponies, under 14 hands high, .. Prize, $10  half Mile Dash.    All Entries to be made and Entrance Fees to be paid to the Secretaries of the different Committees, who are as follows:  Athletic--J. Rankin  Boating-- J. Huntley  Horse Racing-- J.J. Cargill


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