R. Mathison Collection

The R. Mathison Printing Collection contains materials, printed between 1886-1890, for businesses in Vancouver by R. Mathison Jr., The Job Printer. The style is visual; often with mixed fonts and fancy script.

Robert Mathison opened his printing business in Vancouver in July of 1886 directly after the fire of June 1886 that effectively destroyed the fledgling city of Vancouver along with three print shop businesses. In 1890 he sold his business to E. W. Evans and T. W. Hastings who changed the name of the business to the, now well known, Evans & Hastings.

The collection is grouped into three main headings: R. Mathison promotional material, business stationary and related documents; Other materials printed by R. Mathison; and Business cards printed by R. Mathison.

The collection features an official program of events for Vancouver 's Jubilee Celebration July 1st and 2nd 1887; it details the races and competitions along with prizes and entry fees. There are also menus, raffle tickets, samples of letterhead, programs for musical events and party invitations.

Originals available at Rare Books & Special Collections, http://resolve.library.ubc.ca/cgi-bin/catsearch?bid=3982790