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[Invitation and menu for the Citizen's Banquet to His Worship Mayor MacLean] Mathison, Robert, Jr. 1887-12

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 The Citizen's Banquet   TO  HIS WORSHIP  Mayor Mac Lean   AT   the dougall house   Vancouver B.C.   Saturday evening December 31st, '87   at 9 o'clock     Committee   W.J. McGuigan, chairman  J.P. Lawson   John Devine   F.X. Martin   J.C. Douglas   I. Oppenheimer   J.J. Blake         Toast List     1. the queen.. "national anthem"   2. prince of wales and royal family.. "god bless the prince of wales."   3. Governor General of Canada.. "This Canada of Ours.".. "Vive la Canadienne."   4. lieutenant govenor.. Pioneers of the Province.  5. dominion parliament and local legislature.. Messrs. D. Chisholm, M.P., Jas. Orr, M.P.P.. W. Norman Bole, Q.C., M.P.P.   6. OUR GUEST  7. Aldermen of the city of Vancouver.. The Aldermen Present.   8. Learned Professions.. Rev. Messrs. Fay, Clinton, Thomson, Robson amd Kennedy, Mr. J. Boultbee and Dr Langis.  9. City Officials.. Dr. Robertson, Messrs. T.T. Black and T.F. Mc Guigan  10. Our Commercial Interests.. Messrs. H. Abbott, R.C. Ferguson, Capt. Webber and Mr. Thos. Dunn.   11. The Press.. Mr. F.C. Cotton, News-Advertiser, and Mr. Wm. Brown, Herald.   12. The Ladies.. The Chairman and the other Bachelors present. Menu    Soup  Chicken Broth.    Fish  Boild Salmon with Egg Sauce.    Cold Joints  Ham, tongue, corned beef    Entrees  Baltimore oyster fry, fricasse'e de poulet, filet de boeuf aux champignons    Roast  Turkey, sauce a la blanquette, goose, cranberry sauce, grouse, a la mac lean    Relish  chicken salad, a la mayonnaise    Vegetables  Mashed potatoes, corn, french peas    Pastry  cream, a la marengo, apple pie, cranberry tart    Pudding  english plum pudding, rum omelette blanc mange    Cakes  Sponge, fruit, cocoanut    Fruit  Apples, oranges, grapes    Dessert  Figs, candies, nuts, raisins      Wines    white wines  Angelica, Hock, laubenheimer, riesling    claret  zinfandel, St. Julien


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