History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to O.T. Leeman] Johns, Ethel 1966-03-02

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** ~ --.-viiv£~| is^r~
^ > >/  CMvO
)£j /*&^facw^~d&
 4519 West 15th* Ave*
Vancouver 8 B*C*
March 2nd** 1966
Dear Mr* Leeman :
It was such a pleasure to hear from you
at Christmas although I was sorry to hear that you had had
a rather difficult year*  I should have replied sooner
had it not been for minor disasters none of them serious
although rather annoying* First I managed to sprain an
ankle* Then we had three feet of snow which made it difficult for friends to come to the rescue and even though
they were as always most kind and helpful* there was a
gleam in their eye that warned me that they thought I
should not be living in a little house all by myself*
at least .not at mv age*   I realize that they may be
right and for a while the shadow of incarceration in a
nursing home seemed imminent. But now that the snow has
melted and the ankle is mm  functioning I can look after
myself quite well* So I am tempted to hang on to my
independence for awhile.
During the past few weeks, I have again turned the pages
31 q. 'J v*S*
 of your Epitome and am more convinced than ever of its
unique ±xas±±xEXBx timeliness. Even in this cynical
decade there are signs that a new spirit is abroad and
that what Democritus Tertius has to say in this scholarly analysis is in accord with it* Please let me know
what has been or will soon be done to put this book into
the hands of readers who, like myself, would turn to it
in times of stress and strain*
What do you think of the Canadian scene these days?
La Belle Province is not alone in its desire for separatism. British Columbia has its own brand* too* and is
being drawn more closely than ever into the American
orbit. Perhaps the Centennial high jinks will bind us
together again.    Anyway* I have just come in from
the garden* The crocuses are in bloom and so is the
^white .heather*-—So here^ 1 s - hoping*— ff**^ ffiffifr* r	


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