History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to O.T. Leeman] Johns, Ethel Mar 13, 1962

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 West fifteenth Ave**
¥anc©u¥ r*     .0*
ISaroh 13th*' 19cz
Pear U  . Leemaa
*■ "It
l!o reading
i*ma to fli
Olag paragraph* of Oha      e* I
, ttito limply* aa* .tot it did a-
t© overlook th
r work
or explain* , SxtraneiouE matter
led* Shore was no fus^y attempt either to interpret
aietly put aside* *he author was allowed to sp^ak for
himself and treated with the respect which is hie due* "As he wrote it* so let it stand*"
I hop* 1 am right in tailing for granted that Chapter Mure© will serve as a model for the
other Sections that are to be included in the book. Assy attempt in at revision* or the. in*
tvrpolatioa of explanatory cor*    mid* i      pOJVt* interfere wi      aaw of "the
flow" and spoil    entinuity that the text requires*
( be necessary* Whip could be incorporated in
•...-.-- i, i,
ur oim
■". {ill usler
r except
Cedent and explanation will* of coui
an introductory oh)       nh* all u...
"unconscious*1* Let it si mar away and t
to retire to his urn in t     ill L
Burt a*
It la flattering to be told that 1
1 if some of the ideas express
thread to the labyrinth? IShls might come in handy when your uaconsoiou* is ready to take
over* If  thie bright idea doesn't ring a bell* other Suggestion* would be welcome*  1 am
i>reoious IJES for one uore reading and will then return it* carefully jacked*
nownst to you* la already t
xd seme fine morning it will hegla to
Vgr* So one iiiuet look ever your *
be asked to leu
jd la Domoorltu* to the Header cou
raid it bo
into a
lU Yuu*


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