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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to O.T. Leeman] Johns, Ethel 1962-12-01

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 4519 West Fifteenth &fO*i
Vancouver, 8 B*C*
December let*, 1962
Dear i2r* Leeman :
After pondering over the points you raised in yc     'j©r of
vembor 19i t to anov/er it when along came another* Perhaps tlimy might
oxplorecl together* So let ue not? amiably proceed to ©In      .therfs ears*
Yes* I do agree that BB anticipated Freud in context I is an element of
self-pity in grief for the loss of friends and that this in t ra betrays a fear of our
ovm lag em&m    Tot even when confronted v/i    i inescapable terror* ho dares
to look it in the face and by'so doing helps us to do likewise* , Jevertbeloes» Ua i cry of
the heart, as well as the voice of calm reason* makes itself heard HJSfSIiXX no
matter how much he trios to stifle it* In thee*-few roug&*&ew» paragraphs and almost
in Spite of himself# he drops his mask and displays a profound sympathy with the
human condition*        implications thore s*ay be uut there are others just as
poignant «     S selfish*
fhese par    _.s should not be excluded from the text beeauc*     cannot be made
to flow* I&rsfc. and rugged they may be* but they reflect a depth of ,;onuine oootio**
cfe Is lacking elsewhere in the entire ?/ork* Sticking ay nook out vory HI far
indeed* they might starkly I    out in a Section of their own* t Or they could be
discreetly veiled under the general heading of nGures of Melancholy*11
I should have made it       t I waaa't suggesting that the Latin tags be altogether
withdraw* i thought* A humble plea ?^as beings i»de on behalf of GEIEMI*
lBSBS who* like EJ have little Latin and lees Greekf but sorely need the spiritual
solace and mental stinmlus which thanks to your sensitive interpretation BB is able to
offer ohem* • J


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