History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel [1953-06?]

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  Bear ECF :
I have just finished reading "What Price Unity11? and
that raucous sound you hear is not the shriek of a storm-
tossed Pacific Ocean gull but is EJ giving three rousing
cheers. Whether or not your commonsense approach will
start the members thinking remains, of course, a debatable
question but at least someone has had the courage to speak <
out. More power to you! Crand going*
Just lately, I have felt far removed from nursing affairs*
Partly because of a bereavement that pretty well bowled me
over for awhile* Isabel Stewart's youngest sister who, for
many years has been one of my dearest friends (though musrh
younger than I) died early in the summer. Isabel came out
to Vancouver and there was also the other sister from Victoria
and it was a melancholy sort of satisfaction to do what one
could* It was little enough* As you know only too well, it
is the !£>emesis of nursing to be able to accomplish so little
when a precious life hangs in the balance. Well, enough of
all this*
By way of a footnote, however* Tell your brother that thp
xmly  comfort I had came from St James Church — the building
itself and its clergy* If he hears that they are expected to
j^aM at the Vatican almost any day now, ask him to use his '
yote^ ana influence* They belong in the Anglican Communion""*
and I don't mean maybe*
Fortunately there has been plenty to keep me busy one way
or another. The Johns Hopkins Press, after looking down its
aristocratic nose for years, suddenly decided to publish the
HISTOBY. It has meant delay but, of course, adds prestige
and you can guess ?/hat that means to the school of nursing*
I have been dabuling about with some other stuff, too, but
can't tell whether it will amount to anything or not. *ome
how or other, my  interests seemat to be drifting away from
nurses and nursing. After all, the world is full of a number of other things*
'■^here is a good art gallery here although not in the
same class as Montreal. Travelling exhibits are excellent
and some really stimulating lectures. Last week, Eric Hew-
ton (you've probably noticed him in the Listener) gave a
perfectly corking talk on understanding modern art. All in the
nice detached English style, of course, but somehow he managed
to make sense of what has hitherto eluded me completely. By
good fortune, he came just after we had had a good sampling
of Graham Sutherland — especially a replica of the canvas
of "The Crucifixion" that I think was commissioned hy  some
church in the north of England. I wonder if the sfe collection
came your way and whether you saw. it* I'd very much like
to know what you thought of it.
 British Columpja is going along the primrose path with
its Social Credit Government* One feels as though wewere
living in a sort of Alice in Wonderland atmosphere in which
"anytning mayhappen and probably will- It i?n*t altngathar a
laugning matter, either* I happened to fcune in on Press
Conference the other evening and heard Bajffckmore, the member
ror Letnpriage, getting nig come-uppgac^from Blair Fraser,
"Axme  Francis and olheT select members of the Ottawa Press
(ialiery. m%  tne fact remains that SC rules Alberta and
S^jTltTsh Columbia in the name of an evangelical religious
/jgpoup that boasrtgr tnat it represents the "grass roots" and
^trends Lo hang on to power By i>ivlne right- What an outfit]
I^TwEo^ghould Know better are exploiting it to their own
J^litical advantage — there is the crux of the whole business
Well, all this is to wish you a happy Christmas and a
good New Year*
Affectionately yours,


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