History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Jessie B. McVicar] Johns, Ethel 1948-08-09

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 C/0 'Canadian lurses Association
1411 Crescent St.*   Montreal
August 9. 1948
pear Mrs Be Vicar*
Qhls letter will duly acknowledge and thank you for yours* dated August 4th*
I am ,;lad to hear that you think it will be in order for me to return to Baltiiaore tmmri.
the end of September and to proceed with the organisation of the material that we have
already assembled* I shall* of course* await further ward from you regarding the formal
confirmation of this plan by the President of the Ataraae Association nhen she returns from
her viication*
I was greatly interested to learn of the appointment of Br Brenk as President of the
Johns Hopkins University. He certainly seems to be a nost outstanding scientist and edu«*
cater and m toast tope that as a physician and a human!tarlan he will .also fester the
healing arts **** including nursing*
With many thanks for your kindness and courtesy*
yours very sincerely
Ethel Johns
..August- 9* .1948
vwtmk wftft ,pen&foq*fr&.
Bear Mrs MoVlcar* ".■
Siaak you for sending m© the various enclosures all of which were read with
keen interest* 2hey are all being returned herewith*
I gftltt agree with yeu^that confirmation of our projected plan for my return should be
obtained by you from the President of the Alumnae Association before 1 make any definite
arrangements to leave Montreal* It wgmld facilitate matters if this confirmation could be
made available as soon as possible*  In the meantime* however* there scans to be no harm
in patting forward the following suggestions for your consideration!
te £Mmmp^aiUft,Mta.*,.lm>^ BfrM^i,
You will remember that J have been asalc&e to have a conference with Miss Stewart over
since vs came across all the Sutting biographical material* Ben*t you think it wuid be
a good idea if I were to stay off in law York on my wey to Baltiiaere iyad to have a good
talk with herf If this wore done* we should have some definite information as to her at-*
titude to lay before the Editorial Coooittet before 1 i»ak© a beginning at all* 1 could
also see whether there is anythimg at Believue #iieh sheds any further light on the H®s&p»
to era* Shis also ought to be reported to the Editorial (tamulttee*  if we could get a
gt®m light in both* 1 believe w© might got off to a better start*
- , .^^ff^ea, m^ritUpl
1 will go to the tonigratlon authorities this mek and find out where 1 stand with respect
to re**entry* 1 am afraid* hiwever* that the regulations are just as strict as ever and that
I ©ay have to go through all the red tape over again* I will see Aether all this fuss is
inevitable and will let you know* Please donft send me my invitation until you hear
further from me* 1 know that we shall have to be mry careful about dates and the e^act
wording and it may therefore be better for me to send you a draft of the letter which will
turn the trick*
I am enjoying my stay in Montreal and* after all the wining and dining* m beginning to
get fat and lasy* it is time I buckled dom to wrk again*  %ank yon for reserving my
old room* !ere*s toping I get it*
aratefully yours
Xthel Johns


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