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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel [uknown]

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 xjbibxb ^        Again apology for not writing sooner*
xxxShkb agaofcx I must begin with an exytanatiaiHxslxs^yxix        Since I last wrote, the
problem sometimes
pxsiiiKmx txsHxis I mentioned  has been resolved, once and for all* Bereavement orings
sstrange    of misery do
a consolation a±± its own * ~» release from the gxjfcaf of not being able to anything to
JOK±|)X3Ksax35»KX}43Baxiyxxx relieve the suffering of s me ne dearly loved* I wonder what your
Burton has to say about this in his Anatomy of Melancholy*  xour letter makes me more
determined than ever to find out for myself* whether he has any bitter herb of heaking
to offer* And now no more of all this*
I hate to bother you but may there be
Just a word about about JPH* Yes, I did mean the October issue to be my  swan song*
hope serve to wheels
My  isbs* was that it would sKXsnBXKxxsxxssxtxsfxxxiMgBxiiHtWKKBXX keep sqp the Ksn±iss±ty
turning but
xsatxkMqpx xEaxxpcsx&rxx ( until someone could be found to kasqpxx take charge* Ixkacxaa^txx
but   $n far, rKixtixgxtnxasjrxnxuEkxx
kmxxixx  There has been n word from Mr* Barton Lippincott a!IXXXXg£*U»tf^
so     Donft you alright
3fcaJdkJ^xsoyxxxx^B±hsriH^hiax SCppM&h3^      Do you thinm it might be best sX2XZ|[ to
am no?/      mm  relieved of any further sim ply
assume that I haxaEXBasxxkxxgxnBxfsxthKXxresponsibility?
Fortunately, there never was any binding agreement on either side : "Published informally
from time to time*" ISMIE&    Mr Bacon and I thought that one up!
I do wish your die* oould be a little^ less rigorous.  and yet I can understand why
continue to
you must emulate and even surpass the ascetic Franciscan Friars*  Apropos of your fiendish
desire to give psychiatrists th ir come-uppance «— Dr* Wilder Penfield etc*
 Pa^e.^7^.._; Substitute for, material deleted* See marginal directions*
(Ho paragraph) Within the course of the last 10 or 15 years a tremendous advance has
heen made in the treatment of the aggressive and violent schisophrenics by the use of
certain drugs popularly called tranquillisers* Unfortunately some of then have unfavorable
side effects and a great deal of experimental work is now being carried out with the object
of finding modifications which will be more effective and without these risks*
Pa^e ,181 | Substitute for material deleted* See marginal directions*
(So  paragraph) aftst even today the new ideas are not fully aeopeted or put into practice«
A number of hospitals still house far too mny patiente or are built in rettete places
so that it is difficult for both staff and patients to have sufficient social contacts
with the outside world* .
ggffs 191 I Substitute for material deleted* See marginal directions*
It is not only in mental hospitals and aaong doctors and nurses that there is a new
outlook* The general public are also beginning to feel more compassion and realise t,at
they have a responsibility for the welfare of those who are mentally handicapped as well
as those who suffer from physical disabilities. Commissions have been set up whose function
it is to enquire into legal matters related to mental illness and mental deficiency* Valuable reports are already available and* as a result* radical, changes are being made in m«*
isting legislation which is now out of touch with modern thinking* It may well be that the
loyal approach to mental illness and mental deficiency will have undergone considerable
change this book is in print*
The present approach is that it should be as easy for a mentally ill patient to obtain
treatment in a suitable hospital as it is for a physically ill patient, i'oraalitiee
should be done away with in the case of patients who are willing to come for treatment


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