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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Annabelle G. Brack] Johns, Ethel 1949-04-29

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 •il 2S. 1949
rs Brack*.
I do mat to thank you moat sincerely for jour letter of A^ril 19 arid especially for your very stimnlatiiig ^reamae ef m^ own thoughts*^  it is hig$dy gratify "lag
to learn that Hiss Bines may be induced to, to tackle the 1906 - 1#48 period and I
-shall hope#illy await a favorable decision on her part*
I still feel that a»a. ty^naatlyyg book sight tura out satisfactorily and
in this |    ion 1 am particularly interested in the ideas which you yourself have
pat forward in paragraph 5* page 4, of your typed manuscript* beginning with the words;
^Have a study or evaluation of these years...etc*f*  Bie approach you su^ost vo iil9
of conrse»be in marked contrast with the strictly historical handling ef the 1867 ~
1907 period but would not nece-sgarily be in direct conflict witk it. Btte inevitable
lack of uniformity in literary atyle need not be displeasing and ai^btt even be stimulating*
I am inclined to think that this treatment of the later period muld be acceptable to
the Board of &ast©es of the Hospital as Mil as to the authorities of the School of
Sursiiij, 1 an also fairly certain that it would be approved by the influential older memberf of the Alumnae Association {such as Urs Cullea) because it mould not involve
the revival of personal animosities or hurt the feelings of persons still living who*
wfcgftPHV their failings may have been* have nevertheless rendered real service to the
School bm&  the Hospital* If a strictly historical approach were to be uaed ( as it has
been used for the earlier period) it would not be possible to avoid either of these eoa**
I aa firmly convinced that '       ^eh you gaggesf will be successful if it is
.ne of your »1      teg (such as Hiss ^inesj who could mwmmA  the full
cooperation and active support of the director of the School of Barging* 3bte comple-
ted manuscript ni^it perhaps be improved h^  skilful editing but full responsibility
for it© preparation and content should reet scparely upon liisn Dines* or bouq  0titer
of the School
graduate appointed by the Association* and upon the director of the School of luraing*
Bib Association will then be assured of a valid and gyqpathetle interpretation of a
nviiat baffling and complex situation*
ftunttn    orsooal affairs **~ I WU  sorry to hear of Bilifs unfortunate encounter
with a pestiferous form of vegetable life and hope that hy now he lias cone out victorious* Sfetf must  have been an m i ially trying and heavy year for jmi and yau certainly deserve a good holiday.    plant for the smmmx are still somatufaat hagy but
the address given above will roach, tm without undue delay*
Please      v me rery kindly |g    oVlcar when you see her and tell her that
with the ~:c!p of the Lord (and possibly a few policemen) vm  three will get that History
written before vc are many years older*
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