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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to O.T. Leeman] Johns, Ethel 1961-02-08

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 4519 West Fifteenth Ave**
faneouver*. 8  B*C*
February 8, 1961
Dear lEr* Leeman t
1 have been slo%^ in answering your kind and understanding letter out
please believe it was n  t due to lack of appreciation* One  reason for delay was that i
first wanted to have a talk with the writer of the attached letter — HtrgueritO Schumacher «
adviser to schools of nursing, University of Alberta, jgdmonton*  as she says in her letter*
we had met before* liven theft* 1 was Impressed not only by h^r obvious effieienoy but also
hy  her war» and dftUghtfal personality* She has acquired both maturity and poise ?#ithout
losing either sest or enthusiasm and her present position gives her an opportunity to exercise the sort of academic leadership that is needed just now*
ffhe Campus Mission that she mentions was carried on under  the auspices of the farsity
Christian Federation and while I am not sold on this or aisy other evaiigoliMl *ppreat**f I
had a chance to see this young woman in action and the response of the student nurse group
was remarkable* Why am I bearing you auout ail this? Holli it struck me  t-^at she might
have sums j otentialities as a writer, especially along- the lines of the philosophy expressed in her  letter* ' lothing was said auout any such possibility, however* and there is
therefore no need to follow it 9 *
We had several informal talks I    carted m&  thinking along lines of m  •■§ widoh* I
hasten to add# have no evangelical implications whatsoever* She made me wonder vrhether
something useful i.ight be written about the influences*    ~-<le and intangible, personal
and professional, which are brought to bear upon one nurse in mrt.lcu^ar as distinct from
nurses in general* We agreed that the nurse ?iho told this story should be free to write
quite frankly auout what those influences had mt3ant to her, either for good or ill*
fat* you have gftOisoA it —• i;his ia the mm approach to the autobiography that I have been
groping toward for bo long. Chronological sequence would be disregarded although it would
still be necessary to include references to experiences outside the practice of nursing
which would constitute the buc*:gro\?nd of the story*  Do you think you could endure the submission of a sample chapter? If not, this ia the time to dodge beoauee it is In process of
I am on the track of an Odd volume of Amtomy of Melancholy and would much appreciate
any of jfonf discarded X SS which would serve as a guide* Writing is a lonely business
and it would be good to talk she,,
I do hope that all goes well and that the austerity of your regime hag been mitigated a
With all good wishest


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