History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel 1957-10-16

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 October 16, 1957
Dear ECF :
Has it struck you that you are beginning to
resemble the restless spirit in the Scriptures who
"wandered to and fro u-on the earth."? This catty remark is, of course, inspired by sheer envy.    It must
have been fun to be the only Canadian at Lisbon. Why
on earth did all the others miss that particular bus ?
So far, I haven't had a ehance to talk at any length
with the Vancouver nurses who  went to Borne but the
general impression seems to be similar to your own
— a three-ringed circus. Everything seems to be
too big these days, including hospitals* The VGH is
a grisly example of this Gargantuan craze for size*
It gave me a nostalgic pang to hear that you and
Suzanne were setting up housekeeping in my  old
stamping ground — the Marlborough of happy memory*
Quite a lot happened to me in that little bachelor
suite where, incidentally, I was almost suffocated
one night by ammonia fumes coming from the refrigerator*
Don't be surprized if you encounter ny astral shade
still hovering around the little pool in the courtyard where an ancient turtle used to live*
It was good news to learn from Lippincott that you
were  casting a benevolent eye over their Canadian
activities* Ihey are grand people to work with and
I've enjoyed my  long assoication with them thoroughly* I$$K Apropos of literary labours, I'm sending
you a copy of my  WGH history and hope you will be
amused, if not edified* There has been quite a lot
of grief in dealing with contemporary figures but the
\?riting of the earlier chapters was sheer joy* It was
such a satisfaction to get the story of the early Bed
Biver days down before the original documents crumbled
into dust* The sale has gone very well — they have an
excellent young committe ?/orking on this end of it*
Whatever else it has or has not done, the history has
given the Alumnae a terrific shot in the arm* The
Assoication had heen  in the doldrums for some years*
H ow I should like to meet the Creative Minority,
preferably at the Marlborotigh, and have an old-time
talk on the present state of the nation in particular
and the state of the world in general. What with
Sputniks and the Boyal visit these are lively times*
For some reason I can't explain, I wish the USA visit
was safely over* Maggeridge is rather a rotter isn't
heE What do the English really think of him?
 I was grieved to hear of your sister's bereavement*
Why, oh why, are such valuable lives burning themselves
out just when they are at the height of their powers?
It will be hard for her to adjust to a solitary way of
life — that is where we single women have a certain
advantage* However, being a Flanagan, I am sure she
will stand up to it bravely and there will the younger
gen ration to keep an eye on*
This year, I sank so low as to cast a Conservative
vote.' But if I had been in Montreal, there would
have been someone worth voting for in NDG-* How I
wish that man was in the House or the Senate or
somewhere where he could deal a few hefty blows
v/here they are most needed*
1   KXXX '    J   ^K>l^


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