History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Blanche Pfefferkorn] Johns, Ethel 1951-01-25

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 4519 Fifteenth Ave* Vfest
Vane ouver *    Canada
January 2,3, 1951
Dear Blanche ;
It     &d to hear      t  will head Horth before many weeks are over* ^irst
of all* I will ancv/er the questions raised in your letter and then refer to developments
which have taken lace since I last wrote t* jrou*
Vancouver weather and so on :
1* lo one* not even trie official forecaster, ever ha&aros a guess as to what the weather
is lively to be in either february or early March* We iisay have balmy breezes and bursting
bulbs or* like last year* we stay ^ve a foot of snow* for several reasons* I think the
end of the first week in March would be a good target to ajua at* 2y all means bring your
winter coat — ■ sweaters are indispensable at any time of the year* fhe rains can be heavy
bq a^l^it-weight pair of galoshes is aimys handy* An outfit like this should prepare you
for all emergencies and it is quite possible that you won*t need it but will be warm and dry
in a suit and ordinary pair of shoes*
2 * I am pretty sure  that we shall find enough work to keep us busy for at least four full
days* I should like to have due notice of the exact date of your arrival since Vancouver
is quite a convention centre and hotel accommodation is sometimes at a premium*
.lew developments*-
You have probably heen notified that a special editorial conaittee has been appointed
with Srs IftsViear as chainaaa* I have written to her suggesting that jpecific criticisms
and suggestions regarding the drafts which I have already submitted should be forwarded
to me at the earliest possible xaoxaent so that I may discuss these with you at our forthcoming conference* Vague rumours have reached me over the grapevine that:
1* Much more background material** is required*
2* ifueh mor^^lnterpretation** is required*
In the meantime* I am re-?iriting my  first chapter from start to finish and am contemplating some drastic changes in some of the others*  ;ny the time you arrive I hope the committee will stop indulging in vague generalities and will send me something that we can
get our teeth into*
I am low in w mind  today* I has b en raining for a week without a let-up and the City
engineers tell me that I must have a new culvert put in to drain the lake which has suddenly emerged id my backyard*
Hoping to hear from you soon*
affectionately yours


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