History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Jessie B. McVicar] Johns, Ethel Dec 20, 1947

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December £0* 1947
;.r A;rs Kcficar.
I mi  00 e;lad to hear through Erg Brack, that yea hate recovered f ron yenf
ontillnogg aad are about to take a holiday* Unfortunately, it would be quite tapesg*
ible for ne to c me to Baltimore before you leave for Florida,and 1 am wondering what
your reactions would be to the following alternative arrangements* either of which
would be satisfactory to me*
If 1  wore to plan to arrive on January 15* would you be willing to leav© the precious source material in uafe custody where 1 could have accogg to it and examine it at
lay leisure during your relatively ghort absence? fhig browsing process wo Id afford
bae-c&Tound which I really nm& before I can confer 11/lii the Coredttee regarding the
conditions under which it might be desirable for m®  to participate in the project* I
quite realise* however* that this approach might not be acceptable and do not wiah to
urge it too gtro^igly.
titimmMm jjl
Wy arrival might be deferred until after your return which I understand will be early in Wehm^^y*    We could then go Into the situation together from the outset. SfelS
plan vould involve a fertile* but not serious delay in getting under way*
I am soriy that all these unavoidable complications have arisen but 1 am sure that we
shall get them ironed out eventually. I shall eagerly await word from you as to your
reaction to thege alternatives or possibly others which have not occurred to me.
With all good wishes for Chrigtmag*
yours mry  sincerely
Ethel Johns


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