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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Eileen C. Flanagan] Johns, Ethel 1956-12-11

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*   4
*        .£%
 4519 West Fifteenth Ave.,
Vancouver, 8  B.C.
December 11, 1856
Dear E* C. F. :
greetings wherever you are —- Britain? New ^ork?
Slopes of Mount Boyal? No keeping track of you*
There have been many times during the past weeks when I
should dearly have liked to have a good talk with you and to
get a lot of dangerous stuff off my oppressed bosom* Somehow, here in our rain forest we seem strangely remote from
v/orld events, safely wrapped up in a cocoon of our complacency*
The letters that c*ame from friends in England are saddening* The storm broke over them so suddenly that they
do not seem to know where to look for shelter* A few are
bitter about Canada's attitude but others seem to accept it
as logical and inevitable* As for %ngary, I try not to
think about it* Debrecen is near the frontier and is quite
a railway centre and it is from here that they are carting
away people in box cars to concentration camps* It used to
be a peaceful university town and it was there that I grapple
with the setting up of a school of nursing -- a good one, too
even if I say it as shouldn't. If^ glad that Canada is
"ONI '3miANVW    O  ±S3N«3
cutting through the worst of the red tape but am pretty
sure that some of the refugees will be a handful* Especially the "creative minority" if you know what I mean. %st
of these would be happier in the Province of Quebec and I
was interested to read that Laval and the U. of Montreal
are holding out a helping hand. %e Catholic response I
suppose and none the worse for that*
One doesn't want to talk much about merriment but I do
wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas among friends. All
success in the New Year J
As ever,   (J


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